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Maze Runner - Character Description Activity

This is a prezi that I used with my English 9 students to introduce an activity they were to work on involving character description.

Charles Mirus

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Maze Runner - Character Description Activity

Character Description Activity Character Trait
& 3 Quotes to Support Choose One Adjective
Must be personality trait
Best represents character Find & Record 3 Supporting Quotes
Prove the adjective you chose
All from different pages (different chapters would be even better)
Write down quotes & page numbers 3 Most Important Actions/Events & Why Describe 3 actions or events involving your character that were important to the story Provide 2 reasons why each event you provided is so important
Use the two bullet points under each description to do so Animal to Symbolize Character, Picture of Animal, and Why Choose an animal that represents your character well
It might help to speak with group member coming up with the adjective to describe your character Draw and color the animal that symbolizes your character Provide two reasons why the animal you have chosen symbolizes your character Acrostic Poem About Character First write the name of your group's assigned character vertically Use each letter of your character's name to begin a new line of your poem Your poem should show the importance of your character, his relationships, and/or other important ideas Two Similes & Two Metaphors Create 2 similes and 2 metaphors
Each figurative language piece must address a different trait of your group's character At least two of your figurative language pieces must address non-physical attributes or descriptions In addition to writing each simile and metphor, be sure to write down what attribute or quality you are describing
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