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Historical Fiction Project - Emma Morin

No description

Emma Morin

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Historical Fiction Project - Emma Morin

Character Web
Deza Malone
Concept Web & Significant Quotes
I Am Poem
I am Deza Malone.
I wonder if my family will ever not be poor.
I hear my parents argue at night about unemployment.
I see the pain in my father's eyes.
I want to be a teacher some day.
I am an African American.

I pretend I am a famous, well-published author.
I feel pain when I think of my father's accident.
I touch my rotten, painful teeth.
I worry about how small Jimmie is.
I cry when I think about Father leaving.
I am strong.

I understand that life isn't always easy.
I say that my family is on a journey to a place called Wonderful.
I dream of a beautiful house and healthy teeth.
Reflective Narrative
I really enjoyed reading this book and connected well with Deza. She has an older brother Jimmie whom she loves so much and tries to protect. I also have an older brother Jim whom I love more than anything. Deza tries to protect her family and take care of them. I also am very protective of my family and have always been the person they go to when they need an empathetic person to listen and love them. Lastly, Deza excels in school and considers an A- to be a failure. I also excel in school and would not be happy with anything but an A. Deza wants to be a teacher when she grows up and I do too! I think students can relate to Deza and her intense love of family, friends, and growing up to be something incredible.
Question: Should Deza take an A- on her final essay and accept the unjust grade?
Historical Check for Accuracy
Fight of Joe Louis Barrow vs. Max Schmeling
- President Roosevelt
- Scottish Poet Robert Burns
-Joseph Louis Barrow
-Max Schmeling
-George Washington
-Abraham Lincoln
-Quaker Oats guy
-Bessie Smith
By: Christopher Paul Curtis
The Mighty Miss Malone
Great Depression
Political Cartoon
Sheet Music
Decision Making Chart
Literary Themes & Quotes
Coming of Age
Historical Themes & Quotes
The Great Depression
Culture in the Great Depression
"Oh, yes, you need to be very proud. Joe Louis is such a credit to your race" (75).
Deza receives an A- on her final but finds out Mrs. Needham gave her the low grade to help her reach her full potential.

Mrs. Needham gives Deza new clothes and shoes and tells her she wants to be her tutor.
Father is found alive
Father comes back from his fishing trip alive but scarred for life. Deza and her mother are relieved that he is not dead.
Fight with Dolly Peaches
Dolly Peaches picks a fight with Deza's older brother, Jimmie. Deza shows up and beats Dolly Peaches to a pulp and humiliates Jimmie.
Father leaves town
Mother and Father have a conversation about Father's unemployment. Father decides to leave town and look for a job in Flint, Michigan. Mother, Deza, and Jimmie are devastated.
Deza says goodbye
Mother loses her job and decides to move the family to Flint, Michigan in order to be closer to Father. Deza struggles saying goodbye to Clarice and ends up writing her a letter.
The Malones find refuge in a Hooverville
After traveling from Gary, Indiana to Flint, Michigan, the Malones find shelter in a camp. What they believe will be a 1 night stay turns into many months in the terrible, dirty camp.
May 1936
Early Summer 1937
Deza has her first kiss with a boy in the Hooverville.
Jimmie entertaining the camp
Jimmie entertains the camp with his sweet singing voice. He sings "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" and impresses everyone.
The shantytown is set on fire
Deza wakes up one morning to Jimmie gone and the shantytown on fire. She and Mother gather their belongings and leave the camp with nowhere to go.
Father's real story
Jimmie tells Deza the real story of what happened in Father's fishing accident. Deza is horrified and hopes she finds her father soon.
Deza finds Jimmie
Deza takes a trip to Detroit to find her brother, Jimmie. She finds him at New Turned Leaf club and has a happy reunion with him.
Father is found and they return home
Late Spring 1937
Good News
Late Summer 1936
First Kiss
Mother and Deza find Father and bring him home to the house Jimmie buys for them.
The white librarian's quote when talking to Deza about the fight between Joe Louis (African American) and Max Schmeling.
"We are a family on a journey to a place called Wonderful" (12).
This story talks about the strong bond the Malone family has and their struggle to protect one another.
"Clarice is such a champion! She was making sure our classmates took their mocking eyes off of me and put them on her by waving her paper in the air and braying like a donkey. I loved her even more than I already had" (33).
Deza and Clarice have a true friendship and will do anything for one another.
"Out of the thousands of students I've had in the thousands of years I've been teaching, I've suspected for quite a while who the child I've been waiting for is. Miss Malone, you are that child" (33).
Deza is a very talented girl who has strong potential. Mrs. Needham pushes Deza to reach her full potential and mature into an intelligent young lady.
"Mother had used buggy oatmeal before! I felt my stomach clenching and twisting, just like I'd eaten another bad piece of fish. Mother said, "We just can't afford to throw any kind of food out, my dear" (60).
Deza's family experiences rough times during the Great Depression. The Malone family gives insight into the types of things that happened during this time.
"Just before the last bell rang on the last day of school, Mrs. Needham passed out our report card. Worst first.
The achievement of students was not secretive, like it is now. The culture of the Great Depression is highlighted in this book.
Mrs. Needham
Brown eyes
African American
Dark brown hair
Beautiful smile
Rotted molars
Character Traits
Rock for her family
Rotted molars
Know it all
The fight between these two world-famous boxers was the topic of several chapters in the novel. After checking npr.org and Joe Louis Barrow's official website (link at the bottom), I found that these two men fought in both 1936 and had a rematch in 1938. This fight was extremely popular and symbolized the fight between African Americans and the Germans. The African American population was devastated when the seemingly invincible "Brown Bomber" lost in 1936. Thousands of Americans actually listened to this boxing match on their radios, as Deza and her town of Gary, Indiana did in the novel.
Reasons for:
-Personal growth
-Respect from Mrs. Needham
-Improve her writing skills
-Help her mature and learn
-Better for her future
Reasons against:
-She worked hard on the essay
-Can stay naive and innocent
Deza decides to learn from her A-, even though it is humiliating and hard. She learns from this specific experience in her life and grows into a mature and hard-working person. I think Deza made the right choice to learn from her "low" grade and as a result she has a bright future ahead of her.
Real Historical Figures

google images: Prince Albert tin
youtube: Bright Eyes
yellow = good
blue = bad
yellow = good
blue = bad
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