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GeoGebra Development

2012. 07. 05.

Balazs Koren

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of GeoGebra Development

Ge Gebra 2002 2012 2007 2005 forum, wiki page 2011 ... Institutes More than 100 Institutes t: @geogebra f: http://facebook.com/geogebra w: http://geogebra.org e: community@geogebra.org y: http://youtube.com/geogebrachannel Thank you 4.0 http://geogebratube.org 1 click upload
8000+ materials uploaded Salzburg, 2002 5.0 beta, real 3D http://geogebra.org/web Coming up... OpenSource - you can contribute
4.2 beta - CAS
Python window
5.0 beta - 3D
Automatic Theorem Proving
GeoGebraWeb - later
Kinect, wii, Raspberry Pi, etc. GeoGebra & HTML 5 You! Use it!
Share it!
Upload to GeoGebraTube
Join the Development: http://dev.geogebra.org/trac b: http://blog.geogebra.org w: http://geogebratube.org http://bit.ly/geogebra1 http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/2.0/geogebra.jnlp "To know your future you must know your past" Development GeoGebraWeb Graphics, algebra and tables are connected and fully dynamic
Easy-to-use interface, yet many powerful features
Authoring tool to create interactive learning materials as web pages
Available in many languages for our millions of users around the world
Free and open source software
Winner of many awards
Written in Java (compile once, run everywhere!) The Beginning GeoGebraTube repository of GeoGebra materials
started with Java Applets
Java plugin still needed Go for the Web! Not enough... Still lots of devices without GeoGebra... Time to go Mobile! Fork of the Java version
Java code compiled with GWT to JavaScript
Still not perfect, but... slow. :) Java code compiled to JavaScript with Google Web Toolkit
Could run on every html5 capable browser
Was faster than the Desktop version
No installation needed GeoGebraMobile was good because... ...but it was a maintenance nightmare... It was a fork
Not the same features
Had to be edited twice Desktop functionality solved with GWT widgets and html5
.ggb files are zipped with zip.js
Graphics view uses <canvas> tag
Abstract classes referenced from Common
Awt classes implemented and wrapped
The Common and Web compiled to JavaScript by GWT, and put to the server Not all code compatible with GWT's emulated JRE
What is used by both Desktop and Web, should go here
Mostly Algorithms, the Kernel
Many Abstract classes and Interfaces
Reduce Common http://geogebra.org/team http://dev.geogebra.org/trac GeoGebra and GeoGebraTube Hosted Apps
Available on Chrome Web Store (Chrome OS, Chrome - various OS-es, even for Android)
Both projects are supported by Google Google GeoGebra available on devices without Java We hope to soon start work on adding:

2nd Graphics View
Spreadsheet View
CAS View
3D View What is working:

All commands, including the new ones from GeoGebra 4.2
Algebra View
Input Bar
Style Bar

Bonus features that the Java version doesn’t have:

Save and share your .ggb files to Google Drive
Edit -> Insert Image from -> Webcam
Equation editing in the Algebra View Google ChromeApp Try it! http://blog.geogebra.org/2012/06/geogebra-chrome-app-released/ http://geogebra.org/web/web_gui

http://geogebra.appspot.com Development of GeoGebra Balazs Koren
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