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social identity an conflit

No description

José Manuel Palma-Oliveira

on 4 November 2018

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Transcript of social identity an conflit

Who Am I ?
Identity: personal (or) social (?)
social categorization and the self
Groups without groups or the psychological nature of social groups
J. M Palma-Oliveira, FP, ULisboa
Effects: "I" becames "we" and others become "us"
Agression and
background, personality, prior histories of conflit, ?????
comeptition promotes group cohesion
common goals is the way to < conflit
economic theory
Social Identity Theory
self- categorization theory
more cognitive / uncertainty reduction
social identity: aspects of the self-concept that derive from a individual knowledge and feelings about the group memberships
self-categorization: the process of seeing oneself as a member of a social group
learning with our groups about us
acessibility: situational or permanent cues
tipical self-sterotype
we love ourselfs
size is important
others become "they"
optimal identities are those that satisfy the need for inclusion within the in-group and simultaneously serve the need for differentiation through distinctions between the in-groups and out-groups
nested categorization contexts
dueling identities: simultaneous categorization into a highly inclusve superordinate category and a more exclusive subgroup leads individuals to identify with one social category more than the other
Atributional ambiguity
stereotype threat : the fear that we will confirm the stereotypes that others have regarding some salient group of wich we are a memeber
social change
social creativity
social competition
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