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Walt Disney

No description

Kayla Shaunfield

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Walt Disney

Information Guide
Walt Disney
Animation,Sound,and Color
Mickey Mouse
Who is Walt Disney
Questions and Answers
My Sources
Walt was a very intelligent child and did very well in
school but his favorite subject was art because he loved
to create ideas for cartoon characters.Walt was a very
good cartoonist and loved what he was doing even as
a child.
After Walt designed a cartoon characte he would use a
special camera to take a picture every time that he moved
them to make a movie called animation
Walt soon realized he could add more to his animations
so he did what ever he could to put sound and color into his
films.AfterWalt perfected his abilities to make films he soon was making so many films that it became a regular deal
and he soon made money off of it.
Walt Disney is the entertaining man who created the
playful,loved character of Mickey Mouse but he thought it was a little dull so he put it to animation and added sound and color.
1.How old was Walt when mickey Mouse was created?
2.Did he have any kids/wife?
3.What was Walt's first complete movie made?
1.Walt Disney By Wendy Lynch{my library book}
2.My Father Helped with my Ideas and Spelling
Through the Universe
of Walt Disney

Young Walt
In the year of 1928 Walt and a friend created the playful character of Mickey Mouse.Walt knew that even though he created Mickey Mouse for kids to enjoy,parents would love him too.Mickey Mouse became known for his amazing,entertaining personality and it seemed that know one could resist him.
Prezi Presented and Made By Kayla Lynnea Shaunfield
4.When was Walt's first movie made?
1.Walt created Mickey Mouse when he was 27.
2.Walt was married and had kids.
3.Walt's first movie made was Snow White and the 7
4.Walt's first movie came out in 1937
3.I got the pictures from google images
4.I got the video from youtube.com
5.google research
Pictures on Walt Disney
Walt Disney World
Have you ever heard of Disney World? Did you know that Walt Disney created that amazing theme park full of family fun?
Walt specifically created Disney world for family's to have fun that is the reason he put in theme parks such as Magic Kingdom in 1971 ,Epcot in 1982,Hollywood Studios in 1989, and Animal Kingdom.
Walt also added in water parks like Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach for
people to cool off in the hot sun.
Though it was very enthusiastic,it isn't Walt's whole
story.Walt is to blame for Disney World and I think that out of all the fun that people have there we owe him a thanks and need to appreciate all he made and did for us.
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