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Arctic regions

No description

Colter Styrna

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Arctic regions

by Colter Styrna Arctic Region History landscape language Animals Environment The Arctic is filled
with animals such as:

the polar bear

the narwhal

the puffin

the walrus

the Arctic fox

and the seal During the summer,
some of the animals
fur colour changes
brown. FUN FACT

A polar bear's skin
is black and it's fur is
clear not white. During the winter
in the Arctic the
temperature can be
cold as -50 celcius
and as warm as 0
celcius. Winter Summer During the summer,
the temperature can
be cold as -10 celcius
and as warm as 10
celcius The Arctic contains
very few plants like

dwarf shrub




and mosses The farther north
you go in the Arctic
the harder it is to
find plants. It is impossible
for trees to grow
in the high Arctic. The snow in the
Arctic can get up
to 8 feet deep. the ice in the
Arctic 5.00 meters
thick. 70 million years
ago, dinosaurs




and Hypracrosaurs

all migrated
from Mexico,
U.S.A and
Canada to the Arctic
which was warm then. Mankind has walked on the Arctic since 325 BC, although the Arctic wasn't named until 1409. People explored the Arctic
since the 1400 hundreds. Robert Peary is
credited as
the first person
to walk to the North
Pole in 1909. the Arctic landscape
has lots of:





and icebergs A famous ship the Titanic hit a giant iceberg and made it crash
in 1912
P.S. Park School was made before the Titanic crashed. A iceberg has the
same amount of heat
as a lit match. The Arctic Cordillera is a chain of mountains the highest peek is
Barbeau peek which is 8,583 feet tall. The people in the Arctic spoke
these languages:
danish (Greenland)
and kids in school learn English The people in
the Arctic are
the only people
that speak inuit. Climate Arctic ice was
formed 45 million years
ago. And... OK this might
affect my grade but
my dad made me do it
so... here's a picture
of a cartoon narwhal. The Midnight Sun (24 hours of
daylight) and the Polar Night
(24 hours of darkness) happen
for days each year at the Arctic
Circle. February
2013 This video shows the ice melting in the Arctic
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