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Summary and next steps

No description

Carsten Nesshoever

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Summary and next steps

BiodiversityKnowledge conference
Summary and next steps


clarifying links to existing initiatives - benefits and contributions, help with visibility
data "providers"
networks & societies
use networks to link internationally
dialogue with decision-making/ policy about mandate
Joint lines for ...
develop a clear "NoK vision"
identify building blocks from "network" and "platform" option as "most viable steps for establishment"
governance: inclusive, but with clear roles for major partners (!), decision making body (several options on the table)
strong secretariat needed for communication & process management
a clear methodological process - approved ;-)
Useful tools ...
visibility, single entry points, "aggregator" of information
personalized interfaces
... and other points
3) communications
guiding principles open and transparent; terminology (no NoKs!)
involve comm. specialists (50% of staff)
dialogue & dissemination plan (internal and external)
4) outputs
early involvement in scoping (2 phases)
make methods transparent
regular check for (pot.) requesters & multipliers
5) capacity building: within Europe!
needs identified in different parts of Europe
links with learned societies and others
Next steps ...
compiling inputs from conference (facilitator team, next 4 weeks)
sheets from participatory walk (for future questions)
building blocks for design options
contributions & benefits for hubs
further discussions at workshops (October, November) with policy and EU projects
putting this into the revision of White paper (WP5, with additional feedback occasion (via FORUM, end of 2013))
develop jointly a "business plan", present this to policy (by April 2014)
Your "Homework"
help create openness and awareness
: choose 3-5 people/networks etc. at home to whom you communicate about the NoK (hand over flyer, announce video+table, talk about conference)
stay tuned
: for feedback on results and revised white paper
Involvement of expertise:
Benefits and contributions mapped
Thank you for joining!

keep in touch: biodiversityknowledge.eu
Ideas to address (highlights)....

1) process
involvement beyond the "usual suspects"
body roles to be identified
2) groups
mapping them is key, incentives needed based on differences in group
different ones need different communication approach (!)
Viable proposal by end of project
... to be field-tested in interim phase
... and get implemented!
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