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All about prezi

steps how to use it ?!

Khetam Otaibi

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of All about prezi

When you think of presentations !!
you probably think of
PowerPoint slides
Slides can be a little
, and
everyone’s done them before
. If you’ve decided to do something different, you may have looked at
as an alternative.

is an online presentation program that moves
through a nonlinear presentation on a path, as
opposed using slides.
-worthy in no time.
Do you What's the Prezi
1- more interesting
2- just need internet connection
3-more creative themes
Singing up
Saving & storage
Starting a
presentation on
email + password
automatically saves work > on the wep
click share , type on email address
click start on profile
getting PP buying a download pack
click save , save as .. if Not
it won't save > on your computer
save presentation , attach to email
open power point
interesting themes side show is a journey movement
Disadvantages :
1- need to sing up
2- different layout
3- harder to add tables charts,etc.
Advantages :
layout ( more user friendly ), more formal themes
1-more space
2-easier layout
3-move tools
1-less interesting
2-need to download on computer



Prezi Vs PowerPoint
Creating Your Account

There are several options to pick from when joining Prezi :
This is the starter paid membership. It comes with more storage, and your presentations are private. You can also use your own logo
This is the most expensive form of Prezi. You can use the Prezi Desktop program to create a Prezi without internet access, and you get significantly more online storage
This is the basic membership, and comes with a small amount of online storage. All presentations made with this membership are public and can be viewed by anyone. This is the perfect option for a classroom presentation.
Making the Presentation
Visit the Prezi website .
Google > Prezi.com / Prezi
1- click on sing up
2- then choose one of the Prezi license
3- then fill in your personal info
click here
click on "
New Prezi
" to start ..

Start using prezi
Insert diagrams

Prezi has created layout drawings, diagrams, and charts that can help you better communicate your ideas to your audience.
Add symbols and shapes

Click 'Insert' and then select the ‘Symbols and shapes’ icon at the top of the screen to add shapes, lines, arrows, and more to your prezi.
Insert rectangles, circles, and triangles to frame your content. Alternatively, add symbols from a huge library or purpose designed drawings to further enhance your prezi.
you tube video
select 'Insert' from the top menu.
Click on 'Add You Tube video'.

insert icon
Adding sound to your prezi

Prezi has created layout drawings, diagrams, and charts that can help you better communicate your ideas to your audience.
Download the iPad app
If you want to share your Prezi with a small audience, you can use the iPad to make it more interactive for the viewer. You
can download
the Prezi app for your
. The app is free and lets you access your Prezi from

anywhere that your device has internet access.
You can navigate the Prezi by swiping your fingers and pinch-zooming .
What can I do with Prezi for iPad?

You CAN:
1- Create new prezis
2- View and edit your existing prezis.
3- Download prezis to your iPad ready to view off-line.
4- Add images and photos.
5- Share your prezis.
6- Open hyperlinks.
7- Hide navigation buttons (particularly useful if you are presenting from your iPad).
8- Set your prezi to autoplay.

“Borrow” from other prezis

On the Prezi Explore page you can find loads of great prezis from which you can “borrow” content, animations or even sound effects. Reusing content in this way allows you to share your ideas more effectively and is a great way to get started with Prezi. To use content from another prezi, first select a reusable prezi you like from the Explore page, then click ‘Save a copy’ to place a copy of the prezi in your own prezi library. From here, you can open the prezi and start putting your own content into it. Alternatively, cut and paste the elements you like into one of your own prezis.
Frame your content

Frames are a signature part of Prezi and a great way to manage your content. Frames work like slides and can be used to group your ideas. Use frames to create a placeholder in your prezi and then add content to them. Frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can change the color of them as well as their size and position. The other great thing about frames is that once you place one on your prezi canvas, you can move, size, and rotate it, and all the content within your frame will move, size, and rotate too.
Adding sound to a prezi is a great way to enhance the presentation of your ideas. Sound can be particularly useful for a prezi that you intend to embed on a website or play on a continuous loop.
Important Note: Currently, prezi supports the following audio file formats: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, MP4, 3GP. For more information on which software
There are two kinds of sounds you can add to a prezi.

select 'Insert' from the top menu.
Click on 'Image'.

Start from a template

When you create a prezi, you can choose from a number of reusable templates or a blank canvas. When you decide to use a template, you can edit everything you see on the canvas just as if you were creating your own prezi, including copying and pasting pre-made content from other prezis or applications.
Customize colors and fonts
Theme Wizard
Use the Theme Wizard to customize the colors of your prezi and to set your font choices from Prezi's font library.
You can also create branded Prezi themes by adding your exact company colors to the wizard. Paying users (Pro, EduPro, Enjoy, and EduEnjoy license holders) can even add their own logo to a customized theme.
Changing fonts
To select fonts from the Prezi library, take the following steps:
Select 'Theme' from the top menu and then click on 'Customize Current Theme...'.
Click the 'Next' arrow at the bottom of the theme wizard.

From here you can select the fonts you want to use in your current theme from the three drop down menus. You can customise the font and color for 'Title 1', 'Title 2', and 'Body'.
For more advanced options with fonts, click the 'Advanced' button on the bottom of the theme wizard. From here you can fine tune the color of your font using RGB code as well as select from the library of fonts that Prezi provides.
Add URLS to your prezi

To put live links into your prezi, copy and paste the desired URL into a text box. Then click away from the text box and your link will become active (you will see it automatically underline).
Path: navigate and rearrange with the Path sidebar
When presenting your ideas, it can sometimes help to have a clear narrative that takes your audience through your prezi. With the Left Sidebar, you can create a journey from one idea to the next. Edit your path and its points in Edit mode and take your audience along that path in Present mode.
To set your path, click the pencil icon on the left-hand side of screen. Then click on the objects in your prezi canvas in the order you wish them to appear.
You can also use the sidebar to rearrange and delete path points or to zoom to a specific path point.
Using the transformation tool:

Click on any object on your prezi canvas to bring up the Transformation Tool.

Using the Transformation Tool to edit frames:
Click on a frame to bring up the Trans and all of the editing options for that frame.

Click on any text on your prezi canvas to bring up the Transformation Tool and all the editing options for that text box.

To rotate any object on your prezi canvas, simply click on it to bring up the Transformation Tool and then hover your mouse pointer over one of the four corners. You will see your pointer change to an arrow icon, if you move your mouse away from the object you have selected, you will see the straight arrow change to a curved one. This means you are ready to rotate your object. Click and drag when you see the curved arrow icon to rotate the object.
Bring Forward
: bring the selected object one step forward. The object that your selected object will swap places with will fade so that you can see what effect moving your object forward will have.
Bring to Front
: bring the selected object to the front. All objects that the your selected object will swap places with will fade.
Send Backward
: send the selected object one step backward. The object that your selected object will swap places with will fade.
Send to Back
: send the selected object to the back of your prezi behind all other objects.
Turn spell-checker off
: Disables the spell-check function.
Start prese
: Enters presentation mode.
: the selected object will be removed and placed on to your computer's clipboard. ntation You can achieve the same result using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+x or Cmd+x on Macs.
: the selected object will be copied to your computer's clipboard. You can achieve the same result using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+c or Cmd+c on Macs.
: pastes copied or cut selections from your computer's clipboard into your prezi. You can achieve the same result using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+v or Cmd+v on Macs.
: Deletes the selected object. Deletion of an object in Prezi can be undone by hitting the 'undo' button located in the top left menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+z or Cmd+z on Macs.

You can crop an image simply by clicking on it and selecting 'Crop Image'.
This will bring up the image cropping tool. From here you can drag anyone of the four corners to crop your image. When you are happy click away from the image and you will see the changes take effect.
Using the Transformation Tool to edit text boxes:

You can access even more options for positioning and editing your content (including layering objects) by right-clicking on any object in your prezi.
The Right-click Menu (Ctrl+click on Macs with default setup):
Layering objects:
Cropping Images:
Once you have an object on the canvas, click on it to open the

. The object will be
highlighted by a box
surrounded by tools to modify the object
Click and hold the Plus or Minus button
scale the object
Click and drag the corner of the box
resize the object.
Click and hold the Hand icon in the center
drag the object around the canvas.
Rotate the object
clicking and dragging the circle sticking out from one of the corners of the box.
Edit the frame
clicking the Open Frame button at the top
Delete either (the frame) or (the frame and the content)
clicking the delete buttons next to the Open Frame button
Creating frames:
1. Click on 'Frames & Arrows' from the top menu.
2. From here you can select the kind of frame you would like to add from the list.
3. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to start drawing a frame onto your Prezi canvas.
Circle Frame
Rectangle Frame
Invisible Frame
Bracket Frame

How do I move a prezi from one account to another?
If you want to send a prezi to a friend or colleague so that they can open and edit it through their own account, or if you simply want to move a prezi from an old account to a new one, it's easy to achieve.
If the prezi is set to reusable.
Simply click the
'Save a Copy'
button that appears beneath your prezi on it's landing page. This will put a copy of the prezi in your account.
If the prezi is set to Public, Hidden, or Private.
The owner of the prezi will need to add you to the list of editors, and this will put the prezi into your account. However, you are in effect in the same document, there is no copy generated.

So, if you want to move a prezi from your old account to your new one, you will need to first log in to the old account, find the prezi and then add your new account to the list of editors via the e-mail address associated with the new account.
To add someone to the list of editors:
Click the
option from the button that appear beneath your prezi. Alternatively, click the button that appears underneath and to the right of your prezi which donates the current privacy state of your prezi (in the picture below, it is set to
You will see a
'Share a prezi'
pop up window appear.
To share the prezi, type the name (if you've already collaborated through Prezi) or e-mail address of the person you wish to share the prezi with into the box found in the
'Add people'
Once you're ready to add someone, click
You will see a message like the one below to confirm that an e-mail has been sent.
Co-editing with Prezi
With Prezi, you can co-create in real time with up to ten other users.
There is a must-do-condition in this feature, which is
having an account.
First, select the prezi that you wish to collaborate on with your friends or coworkers from your prezi library and open the prezi using the
Click on
from the top menu and then select
'Share prezi'
You can see a full list of everyone working in the prezi in the sidebar on the right-hand side.
Presenting a prezi remotely.
Prezi allows you to present to up to thirty people in real time from anywhere as long as they have an active Internet connection. If someone wants to join an online prezi presentation, they
do not
require a Prezi license of any kind.
Find the prezi you want to present in your prezi library and open it by clicking

From within the editor, you can start a presentation by clicking the
button and selecting
'Present remotely'
Copy the link that appears and send it to the people you want to present to.
Lastly, saving your Prezi as PDF:
It is possible to convert a prezi into a PDF file. In order to do this, your prezi will need to have a set path. Each path step will produce one page on your final PDF document. For this reason, it may be necessary to edit your path as a presentation does not always follow the same narrative as a document.
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