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My Mitosis Project

Tinker Bell

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Mitosis

Phase 1 ~ Prophase #1 Step: Chromosomes condense from long strands into rod-like structures. Copy DNA ~ Interphase Starting step is to copy chromosomes Phase 2 ~ Metaphase #2 Step: The nuclear membrane is dissolved. Paired chromatids align at the cell's equator. Phase 3 ~ Anaphase #3 Step: The chromatids separate and move to opposite sides of the cell. Phase 4 ~ Telophase #4 Step: A nuclear membrane forms around each set of chromosomes, and the chromosomes unwind. Mitosis
by Haley Myers Cytokinesis What is Mitosis? Happens in a eukaryotic cell A process of a cell division that forms two new nuclei. Each of which has the same number of chromosomes Why is Mitosis Important? In the cells that lack a cell wall, the cell pinches in two. In cell that have a cell wall, a ell plate forms between the two new cells. To grow and repair. Makes sure each cell has the same DNA.
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