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04.07 Slavery: Assessment

No description

Alexa Styles

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of 04.07 Slavery: Assessment

04.07 Slavery: Assessment
Question #1
While listening to this song I felt sad for what slaves went through. Yet, I also felt the will to free my mind.
Question #3
The song tells of how a person was brought into slavery and how they tried to stay sane through the struggle. It even says "Old pirates yes they rob I; Sold I to the merchant ships" signifying how he was brought into it all.
Question #5
I kind of didn't understand one lyric. the lyric "Have no fear for atomic energy". I wasn't really sure how that had to do with slavery.
Question #8
The message that I believe Bob Marley is trying to get across is that we can't just stand aside and watch things happen. We must free our minds and also speak our minds.
"Redemption Song" - Bob Marley
Question #2
This song makes me think of times in my life when I my self was struggling. Simple things like tests or maybe even a lose and how I was able to free my mind from the reality of it to go to a better place of thought.
Question #4
The lyrics that stand out to be the most are " Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds". These stand out to me because it shows how powerful the mind is and how we can free our minds from pain if we free our thoughts.
Question #7
I believe the intended audience is really for anyone who can relate to it. Whether it's true slavery or mental slavery we can all free ourselves.
Question #9
The message still applies today because in this day in age too much is happening for us to just stand by and watch. With bullying and crimes we must speak our minds and the truth.
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