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My personal and professional development

A presentation critically evaluating my development and skills.

Lucy Wignall

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of My personal and professional development

September 2008
Nursery Nurse and SENCO January 2013 September 2009 Graduated! July 2012 Started my top up September 2012 Started Early Years
Professional Status Current roles and responsibilities Providing and maintaining a stimulating, happy and secure environment

Working positively within the team structure

Keeping up to date records of development and observations of the children. Started my Foundation degree Academic and Professional
Key skills Writing
Time Management
Working with others Aims To critically evaluate development and skills
Improve strengths further
Identify and develop weaknesses
Assess and reflect on progress Academic Development so far Policy
Theory into practice To be developed EYPS Standards

Standard 3.1

Standard 8.2 Know the legal requirements and guidance on health and safety, safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and the implications for early years settings. Reflect on the effectiveness of provision, propose appropriate changes and influence, shape and support the implementation of policies and practices within the setting. Tutor feedback Reflection
Structure Action points Main areas to develop Reflection (A&P)
Referencing (A)
Structure (A)
Health and safety (P) Action Plan Bibliography Brookfield (1995) Critical Lenses.

DfES (2005) Key Elements of Effective Practice. London, Department for Skills and Education.

Pollard, A. et al (2011) Reflective Teaching. London, Continuum International Publishing Group.

Teaching Agency (2012) Early Years Professional Standards. London, Department of Education. Thank you for listening! (Teaching standards, 2012) Effective Practice and reflection "Effective practice in the early years requires committed, enthusiastic and reflective practitioners." (DfES, 2005, p.5) "Reflective activity makes a powerful contribution to the learning of many professionals- engineers, doctors and nurses, police officers, architects and lawyers to name but a few.... reflection is then, a fundamental process in enhancing professional development" (Pollard, et al, 2011, p.5) EYPS Standards met so far Standard 4.2 standard 5.1 Engage in sustained shared thinking with children. Observe, assess, record and report on progress in children's development and learning, using this to plan next steps EYPS Standards (Teaching standards, 2012) The developing professional A critical evaluation of my development and skills Lucy Emma Wignall Reflection Brookfield 1995, Critical lenses. the learners
the students’ eyes,
colleagues’ perceptions
educational literature.
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