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The Middle Kingdom

Ancient Egypts Middle Kingdom

Mehdi Dinarsakti

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Middle Kingdom

Middle Kingdom 2055 B.C.E WHO
THEY? The middle kingdom was a time of Egypt in which the 11-12 dynasty ruled. some scientist say the 13 and 14 dynasty were included, too. Many good pharaohs lived in this period. Of course the Old kingdom and New kingdom had good ones too. / What
it? 1650 B.C.E Their Location They were located right next to the Nile River. Because of that, it gave them silt, fertile soil, and also drink. some scientist say that the fall of the Old kingdom affected the annual flooding of the Nile. That caused Egypt to be in a fatal famine. Fortunately, they lived. An Important Ruler The picture you see above is one of all the rulers that really stood out for his people. His name was Amenemhat III. His father was also good. He was Senusret III. Amenemhat's reign was filled with prosperity. His reign was called the golden age. This time was when food became a surplus. Amenemhat III ruled by his father's side even when he was a child. He ruled for more than 20 years, some of the time with his father. When The Started And When They Ended 2055 B.C.E---1650 B.C.E It started at the end of the Old Kingdom or 1st Intermediate Period and ended because of the southern king's over upper Egypt an the unity between the upper and lower Egypt disentigrated Their Achievements Their achievements were that they had a surplus of food, being able to do literature, art, and to have a lot of power. They achieved the surplus of food under the reign of Amenemhat III, leterature and art by practicing, and power by conquering different empires. Also Upper and Lower Egypt were conquered. How They Got Control They got power by controlling and conquering empires. They also had power by taking over Upper and Lower Nubia. Their Religion Their religion were based on animals. An example is Horus, a name, meaning falcon. Ancient Egypt's people treated their pharaohs and rulers like Gods. Another religion part is that they believed there was life after death. That meant that if you died and you did something good, you go to heaven. If you do something bad, you go to hell. They also believed that apart from dieing, they do mummification. They thought your ghost would come back to eat the remains of you body. How They Started They started by having a war over control of Upper and Lower Egypt. Fortunately, they got over it and reunified both of them. Besides the war, they started out pretty well. Their Decline Their decline happened because they had been ruled by southern kings and they didn't know it. They were having a little war over who should be ruler or not Here is a map of the Middle Kingdom Here are some pharaohs Senusret III Amenemhat III Amenemhat IV
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