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Implementing Social Media in Municipal Government

Presented at the 2011 LGAA Conference

Samantha Saretsky

on 30 January 2012

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Transcript of Implementing Social Media in Municipal Government

@S_Saretsky THE SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION WHO ARE YOU? a zealot a collaborator a resistor IS SOCIAL MEDIA RIGHT FOR YOU? - do you have a communication strategy?
- does your organization have the time to establish AND maintain a social media presence?
- how many residents have access to internet?
- can social media enhance your current communication efforts?
- are social media conversations occurring without you?
- could your efforts be more beneficial in other areas? ie. website update RISK vs REWARD time consuming time saving loss of control viral marketing time to see ROI low cost inability to respond outside office hours enhanced crisis management SOCIAL MEDIA IS A TOOL You Determine How To Use It WHAT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY? - an outline on guidelines and principles for employees representing your organization online

- defines proper usage and behavior online

- should protect the rights and privacy of your employees and the reputation of your organizations WHO SHOULD IT INCLUDE? it must apply to all employees in order to be effective WHAT SHOULD A SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY INCLUDE? - how your organization will conduct itself while employing social media
- what content is appropriate
- how your employees will conduct themselves while using social media
. . . as a representative of your organization
. . . on a personal account (do they recognize themselves as an employee)
- can various departments or projects establish their own social media accounts?
- what will you do with inappropriate posts?
- how will your organization respond to posts/questions? AUMA Request: Social Media Policies to be sent to zsaher@auma.ca INFORMATION MANAGEMENT & PRIVACY “Social media demand a new paradigm regarding the ownership, use and management of information. The challenges of privacy and official languages can be managed within that new paradigm. The problems linked to information management, privacy and security are simply new manifestations of old phenomena; there have always been risks of improper disclosure and misuse of government information.”

Toby Fyfe and Paul Crookall. “Social Media and Public Sector Policy Dilemmas” SECURITY security breaches will happen – not participating in social media will not improve this IF SOCIAL MEDIA ISN'T RIGHT . . . RIGHT NOW consider reserving your organizations name on sites monitor your online presence review internet & computer usage policies develop/ review communications strategy SOCIAL MEDIA SITES the basics
RSS Feeds advanced
mobile apps and tools
Facebook ads other sites to remember
Google Maps
your municipal website WHEN OPENING AN ACCOUNT . . . - name and branding

- easily identifiable and searchable

- are your current IT systems capable of accessing and using these sites

- add a disclaimer and/or access to social media policy CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE FUTURE . . . increased use of web conferencing social media use by elected officials expectation for instant information social media as a form of public consultation human Resources (ie. LinkedIn) online services (ie. BizPal) interactive websites providing social media education for staff and residents online advertising internal applications for staff new sites like http://www.seeclickfix.com

assignment editor for Global TV Edmonton
@GlobalEdmonton @tedgbauer

communications coordinator, Parkland County
@Parkland_County @JackieOst

JAS DARRAH via skype
communications business partner, City of Edmonton
@CityofEdmonton @jdarrah

Brownlee LLP
@foipguru MEASURING SUCCESS measuring the success of social media initiatives
- increased traffic to content pages
- hits/ friends/ followers/ likes
- earned media
- resident surveys Social Media Records . . . your organization is responsible for tracking these records as you cannot ensure the back up of these records social media is public therefore you don't have control of these records and FOIP should not apply to them just because information is available via social media it does not give you the right to collect personal information (ie. looking up a job applicant on Facebook) VS IT IS EASIER TO DEFEND A POLICY THAN AN ACTION
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