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Book V

No description

Andrew Kendell

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Book V

Women and those who
wished to remain were left in Troy.

The other men repair the ships

Aeneas marks Troy's borders

The people feast for nine days

Aeneas and his friends set sail
The Aeneid: Book V
Aeneas and his crew arrive in Sicily
-The crew sees the funeral pyre with a sense of foreboding
-A storm approaches, and so Aeneas redirects their ship to Sicily where his old friend Achestes is chillin' it killin' it
-Achestes, remembering their shared history, welcomes them with rejoicing and open arms

Section 2

Boat Race
Giving of the prize
Foot Race
The Manly Sports
The Boxing Contest (Ooohhh...)

Section 4

Juno's Anger
Epic Entrance Scene
Section 5
Boat Race
Gyas, Cloanthus, Menoetes, Sergestus, Mnestheus, Chimaera
Sea - Dragon, Sea - Serpent, and Centaur
Gyas commands Menoetes to get closer to shore which causes them to crash
Trojans laugh at them as Menoetes throw up on himself

The Archery contest (Aaahhh...)
The Exhibition of horsemanship (Oh Man!)
Departure from Sicily

Venus seeks Neptune's help

The Loss of Palinurus
Venus tells Neptune
of Juno's anger

Venus asks for Aeneas and his men to
have safe passage to the Tiber

Neptune says Aeneas will arrive safely
but one will be lost at sea
Anchises's son announces Cloanthus the winner
Wins three bullocks, and wine, and a large talent of silver
Captains get special honors
Cloak worked in gold for the victor
a coat of mail for his own, with polished hooks for the runner-up
a pair of bronze cauldrons and bowls made of silver with designs in bold relief for third place
Segestus brings in his boat with mockery and no glory
Snake is run over by a wheel on a cart
Represents death of Aeneas's father
Also represents Apollo

All of the men on the ships lay down
on the benches to sleep

Palinurus stays at the tiller to steer the ship
through the midnight sea

Phorbas appears to Palinurus and makes him sleep

'Iaside Palinure, ferunt ipsa aequora classem,
aequatae spirant aurae, datur hora quieti.
pone caput fessosque oculos furare labori.
ipse ego paulisper pro te tua munera inibo.'

Palinurus is thrown overboard by the sea and
the ships drift away in the night
Aeneas and Sergestus
Aeneas presents Sergestus with the reward he promised, happy that the ship is saved, and the crew rescued.
He is granted a Cretan born slave-girl, Pholoe, not unskilled in the arts of Minerva, nursing twin boys at her breasts.
Dares and Entellus will fight
They agree to box without the famous gloves, and instead use the regular ones
Disclaimer: These sports are the manly ones, in which only real men may participate
Dares is younger, however Entellus is stronger, and has more experience
Aeneas calls off the fight to avoid serious injury, but Entellus splits open the head of the prize bull in a single blow to show what he could have done in the fight.
Foot Race
Aeneas was amongst thousands of runners
Trojans and Sicilians gathered together from all sides
Nisus and Euryalus the foremost among them
Nisus slipped in blood and didn't finish in the top
1st was Euryalus, 2nd Helymus, and 3rd Diores
Salius, who finished in last, was given a huge pelt of a Gaetulian lion because Aeneas pitied him.
Others are mad that Nisus doesn't get a prize too out of pity and because of this Aeneas gives him a shield
Aeneas Declares the Games
“Now, he who has skill and courage in his heart,let him stand here and raise his arms, his fists bound in hide.”
Immediately Aeneas invites together all who might wish to compete with their swift arrows, and sets out the prizes. With a large company he raises a mast from Serestus’s ship, and ties a fluttering dove, at which they can aim their shafts, to a cord piercing the high mast.
-On the first anniversary of his father's death, Aeneas gathers all of the people together
-He declares the Trojan games in honor of his father
-They begin to cook and make offerings and a giant snake comes out
-Aeneas is scared but he keeps making big ol' offerings
Protinus Aeneas celeri certare sagitta 485
inuitat qui forte uelint et praemia dicit,
ingentique manu malum de naue Seresti
erigit et uolucrem traiecto in fune columbam,
quo tendant ferrum, malo suspendit ab alto.
In Latin
Acestes, the king of Sicily, shoots an arrow that sets on fire, causing many of both ohhs and ahhs.
Then Hippocoon, son of Hyrtaces, Mnestheus, the boat race champion, and Eurytion, who was a Trojan archer, take their marks.
Hippocoon shoots first, and misses, following his shot, Mnestheus shoots, and his arrow cuts the tethers on the bird as it is released from its bonds and begins to escape. However the bird's freedom is short lived as Eurytion releases his arrow, and claims the bird.
The winner is Eurytion, and he claims his victory!
Ascanius, who is the son of Aeneas, and his friends ride around in the field, and mock battle. As they do this, they impress those watching with their displays of audacity and skill.
The horse Ascanius rides is a Sidonian horse from Dido, and is a mighty fine horse.
Gyas, Cloanthus, Menoetes, Sergestus, Mnestheus, Chimaera, Nereids, Phorcus, Panopea, and Portunus (Boat Racers)
Pholoe (Sergestus's slave)
Euryalus, Helymus, Salius, Diores, and Nisus (Foot Race Runners)
The theme here is that experience always pays off, as the Trojan war veteran won the competition with his superior skill, likely gained during the ten years of fighting in Dardania.
Generosity: Giving prizes to people who didn't win
Competitiveness: Whole section was about competitions and races, everyone was very determined and motivated to win.
Neptune's followers
Phorbas (Night/Sleep)
Characters in this lil' Section
Off! Go! Tell Ascanius, if he has his troop of boys ready with him, and is prepared for the horse-riding to show himself with his weapons, and lead them out in honour of his grandfather."-Aeneas
Cloanthus wins by praying to the Gods
"Gods, whose empire is the ocean, whose waters I course, On shore, I will gladly set a snow-white bull before your altars, in payment of my vows, throw the entrails into the saltwater, and pour out pure wine"
"di, quibus imperium est pelagi, quorum aequora curro, vobis laetus ego hoc candentem in litore taurum constituam ante aras voti reus, extaque salsos proiciam in fluctus et vina liquentia fundam."

Aeneas - the hero; strong, strapping, and tired of sailing. He fears the gods and declares the games
Achestes - Friend of Aeneas, welcoming him to his home with open arms
Ascanius - Just chillin' with his daddy, always thuggin' in the background
"uade age et Ascanio, si iam puerile paratum
agmen habet secum cursusque instruxit equorum,
ducat auo turmas et sese ostendat in armis 550
The Start of The Games
The day has come for the games!!!!!!!
The people of Achestes' kingdom throng to the beach
Nereids, Phorcus, Panopea, and Portunus cheer for the victor

Aeneas sets out an oak tree for a marker, and the boat race begins, with these sailors
"Mnesthus, soon to be Mnesthus of Italy from whom
the Memmian people are named, captains the Sea-Serpent, with its eager crew: Gyas, the vast Chimaera of huge bulk, a floating city, rowed by the Trojan men
on three decks, with the oars raised in triple rows:
Sergestus, from whom the house of Sergia gets its name, sails in the great Centaur, and Cloanthus from whom your family derives, Cluentius of Rome, in the sea-green Scylla."
The Sailors (From the text)
Main character of the Aeneid
Friend of Aeneas
Aeneas' gang
Question: Who shot the arrow that killed the pigeon?
Answer: Eurytion
Other Mythical figures; Triton, Thetis, Melite and others
Man from Aeneas' gang
God of Night who causes Palinurus to be lost
1. Where did Aeneas land?

2. Who won the boat race?

3. Who is his friend?

4. What was the boxing prize?

5. Who died?

HOSPITALITY - Achestes welcomes Aeneas with open arms and proceeds to drown him in food and gifts
REVERENCE - Aeneas and Achestes make Lavish sacrifices to the gods
SPORT - this section seems like a bit of a respite for weary Aeneas and his crew, and it's a break from their troubles
"The reason that such a fire had
been lit was unknown: but the cruel pain when a great love is profaned, and the knowledge of what a frenzied woman might do, drove the minds of the Trojans to sombre forebodings"
"quae tantum accenderit ignem
causa latet; duri magno sed amore dolores
polluto, notumque furens quid femina possit,
triste per augurium Teucrorum pectora ducunt."
Aeneas went to Sicily and was welcomed, then started some games
-Juno's anger hasn't subsided yet
-She sends Iris to make the Trojan women riot
-Plays on their fears of further traveling and battles
-Iris distributes torches among the women
-They set fire to the ships and the men come running
The prayer to Juppiter
-Ascanius leads the charge to the fire
-The women scatter in fear of what they've done
-Aeneas prays to Juppiter to stop the fires
-Juppiter sends a rainstorm to put the ships out
-Four ships were lost
Nautes' Advice and Anchises' Ghost
-Nautes, a seer, tells Aeneas that he should the old and weak with Acestes

"those tired of your great venture and your affairs: select also aged men and women exhausted by the sea, and anyone with you who is frail, afraid of danger."

-Aeneas debates on whether this is the right path
-Anchises' ghost comes to speak with Aeneas
-The ghost says that Aeneas will fight a
strong foe in Latium, but first he
must go tot he underworld
Nautes - an old seer
-Anger of the gods
-Kindness of the gods
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