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No description

Tengis Galamez

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Frankenstein

By: The Cereal Killers
In researcher we didn't do too much research because Frankenstein is a fiction book and there wasn't many things to search. We only found The country Greneva.
About Frankenstein
The book is about a man named victor who made the a monster named frankenstein. The first Frankenstein movie was released on November 21, 1931 (USA).
Word Wizard
The book we read was Frankenstein. It was writen by Marry Shelly. The original Frankenstein was written in 11 March 1818. It became a popular novel for children. But is was actullaly just a scariest ghost story contest.
About the book
The connector has to write down a statement or a thing someone said and connect that with his/her life.
Summarizer was a really easy job because we only needed to write what that part of the book was about. And the key words.
In Word Wizard we didn't find a lot of words that we didn't understand so it was kind of hard to do it. So we found words that we knew but not perfectly. Some of them were: desolate, convulsed, anxious and Allowance.
Why we chose this book
We chose this book because
it is intresting, cool, and Frankenstein is famous.
Literacy Luminary
In this part of the work it was easy. Because there was many interesting parts in the book to write about

We recommended this book for good level readers it is very interesting and has good vocabulary.
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