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Fiction Book Project-The secret of Red Gate Farm-Carolyn Kee

No description

jisoo bolles

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Fiction Book Project-The secret of Red Gate Farm-Carolyn Kee

Fiction Book Project-The secret of Red Gate Farm-Carolyn Keene-Jisoo Bolles_8th period
Nancy found a group of people entering a cave

the group of people are having a meating

the group is called The Black Snake Colony.

The Black Snake Colony were acussed of passing counterfeit money

The federal agents search for them.

they hide in Mrs. Burds farm

Nancy and her friends go undercover and dress in a white robe and pretend that they are part of the group.

They try to find out what they are doing
the climax is when Nancy enters the cave to try and find out whats going on the Black Snake Colony find out that nancy is not part of the group, So the people kidnap her and her friends. But they escape after and run away.
falling action
In this book Nancy went into the Secret of Red Gate Farm and found some people in a white robe hiding in a cave. Her and her friends go and try to find who they are. Nancy got kidnapped and she got away.
Detail 4
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
The Secret of Red Gate Farm is a story that takes place in
a farm.The story is set in present time and the author is from the sixty's.
Nancy Drew-Nancy is very brave and smart. Shes a teenager who goes on mysteries by her self.

George- George is a very good friend of Nancy and helps her when needed. He is a very happy person who always makes people happy.

Bess- Bess helps Nancy to solve her mysteries. If someone tells her to do something she always follows the rules.
Rising Action

the guard caught Nancy.

Nancy ran away.

uncle Sam is trying to be funny while they are running away.

a prisoner had been herded out of a cave.

Nancy ran out of the red gate farm.
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