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Canon Presentation

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Alan Ky

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Canon Presentation

Began as precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in 1933

Their first camera, The Kwanon, was produced in 1934

In 1947 the company changes their name to Canon Camera Co. and their products are designated as priority exports.

Canon enters the US market with the opening of a
New York branch in 1955

The Canon Flex, Canon’s first SLR camera is
introduced in 1959.

Their first five year plan is developed in preparation of entering business machine market in 1962

Canon’s first copying machine, the Canofax 1000, is released in 1966

Canon Camera Co. changes their name to Canon Inc. 1969

The PC-10 and PC-20, the world's first personal copying machines with replaceable cartridges, are introduced. The product undercut XEROX and changed the industry dynamics. 1982
History Cont’d
A designer specializing in advertising created the original Canon logo in 1935

The Canon name and logo were created to personify the company’s global perspectives.

The unique “C” was a typeface that was not yet existent in North America or Europe

The name was originally a brand of Optical Instruments Laboratory until they decided to unify the company under the brand in 1953.
Body- Simple products “advanced simplicity”. High build quality.

Soul- They want you to see their cameras as a conduit for capturing memories rather than a piece of equipment that you use to take pictures.

Conscience- State of the art cameras and printers.
United States
Canon acquires equity in NeXT inc. 1989

Canon's first digital SLR camera, EOS DCS 3, is
introduced. 1995

The DIGISUPER 25 xs broadcasting lens for high-definition television (HDTV) is introduced. 1998

SLR camera production reaches 50 million units. 2008

Digital compact camera production reaches 100 million
units. 2008
History Cont’d
Phase I- Strengthening financial base through business innovations in cash flow management, production, development, and consolidation in business areas. 1996-2000

Phase II- Aiming to become No. 1 in all major business areas and a new focus on digitizing all of its products in the increasingly networked world. 2001-2005

Phase III- Enhancing exisitng business and expanding into new areas. Improving management quality through “real-time management” making it possible to respond more quickly to dramatic changes in the business environment. 2006-2010

Phase IV- They aim to achieve sound growth under the slogan "Aiming for the Summit: Speed & Sound Growth."
Excellent Global Corporation Plan Phases I,II,III, & IV
Brand Equity
Four-Year Comparison
Down 4% from 2008.

Hit hard by lack of sales in multifunction copy machines and printers

Yen was strong, thus causing costly goods

Despite decline, Canon launched 23 new products

Number one market share holder for DSLR cameras at 54%
+10% from 2009

Sponsored major sports such as PGA, NFL, MLB, and the US Open

Proven fans loyalty through social media

Inconsistent worldwide portfolio

Fragmented brand strategy

Inefficiencies in brand management
2% growth from previous year

Top in consumer digital camera (Nikon was not in Top 100)

Categorized as Electronics

Differentiate by corporate citizenship

Environmental sustainability

Product Recycling
Gained 3%

Stronger yen

Euro crisis

Product innovation and corporate citizenship top priorities

Fujio Mitarai - vision is to be number one for all core businesses

Bought Oce for USD $1 billion
Free Mugshots
Unlimited prints
Photo Booth Surprise
San Francisco and London
One week event
Create subtle signs to advertise that a photo booth is operating for free on the second floor.

Surprise impromptu visitors.

Print or share photograph to enter sweepstakes of Canon products.
Free ID Photographs
Allow visitors to feel a sense of reward in the adventure.

Generate buzz through word of mouth.

Integrate Canon’s professional cameras and printers.
Discreet Locations
What the Puck
Showcase the toughness
Partnership with NHL
Create strategic partnership with NHL.

Generate buzz by using a camera as a puck.

Purposely fail to acknowledge the change of puck.

Lead online participants to Facebook page.

Create incentive to proceed to corporate product website.
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