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Prime Minister, Richard B. Bennett

I'm doing a project on a Prime Minister, Richard B. Bennett.

Tiana H

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Prime Minister, Richard B. Bennett

Richard B. Bennett Richard B. Bennett My Prime Minister, Richard Bedford Bennett was the 11th Prime Minister of Canada from August 7th, 1930 to October 23, 1935 during the Great Depression. He was born on July 3rd, 1870 in Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick and he passed away in England on June 26, 1947. He was the only Canadian Prime Minister that was not buried in Canada. He first sat in the Parliament building in 1911. Learning and Jobs Political Party Richard B. Bennett was in the Conservative Party Major Accomplishments Some major accomplishment during his time in office are his leadership through the Great Depression (but blamed when he failed), the idea of both the Banks of Canada, the Canadian Wheat Board and the creation of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC) Richard B. Bennett's Coin Prime Minister In 1921, Arthur Meighen named Richard B. Bennett his Minister of Justice. A few years later he was the Minister of Finance in Arthur Meighen's second government. Finally, he became the 11th Prime Minister of Canada. Richard B. Bennett won with 137 seats. Richard Bedford Bennett Wheat Board Richard B. Bennett graduated from Dalhousie Law School when he was 23. Richard B. Bennett was a teacher, the President of Calgary Power Company and a lawyer, he was a successful lawyer in Calgary, Alberta. Dalhousie Law School Thank you, Hope you Enjoy it.
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