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The differences between utopias and dystopias

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colby brooks

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The differences between utopias and dystopias

Dystopia VS. Utopia
A utopian society and a dystopian society really have no similarities besides the fact that they have to deal with the status of the society, in other words they are just antonyms.
As previously said these two communities; utopian and dystopian; are basically opposites. The crime rate is low in a utopian society and high in a dystopian.
They also have differences regarding what type of people live within them. In an utopian society they will have more upper class and rich people,however the dystopian society will have lower class poor people who will often struggle to survive.
By: Colby Brooks
Differences between "utopias" and "distopias"
Utopias can be considered like a perfect safe place that you can really only imagine. this place will have no crime rate, discrimination, or economical problems
A dystopia can be considered basically the exact opposite of a utopia. With a huge amount of crime rate, very racially divided, and a ton of economical problems.
Real life utopian attempts
Believe it or not North Korea was originally an attempt at a perfect society or a utopia, when power was granted to the wrong hands everything turned out to be a disaster.
examples of dystopian societies
I know that this argument can go two ways but I personally believe that the hunger games is more of a dystopia than an utopia, mainly because of the reason that a lot of people starve and die in the poor places and all of the richer people have a rather perfect life.
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