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Translation Technology 1

No description

Claudia Koch-McQuillan

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of Translation Technology 1

Do you already use translation technology? What is translation technology? What's the difference? What are the benefits? Quality improvement and control
Increased productivity
Occupational health and safety Any downsides? Pressure on rates
Copyright issues
Cost and time factor Research Terminology What is useful in terminology? http://www.translatorstraining.com/sito/index.php Overview over some tools: http://ecolotrain.uni-saarland.de/index.php?id=2525&L=1 But it is also: MT Quick excursion: Comparison between TEnTs and MT TEnT: Partially automated
Translator translates meaning
Tool records translator's work
Tool offers suggestions Fully automated
Machine translates words, not meaning
Output usually requires post-editing
Tools require controlled language texts Working with different file types (xls, htm, pdf, desktop publishing)
Terminology management
Effective research
Communication with peers and clients
Dictation software
Integration with machine translation
Project and time management
Software localisation What are these tools best for? Repetitive texts
Technical texts
Texts with complex formatting
Texts with regular revisions Completeness
Effective revision Increased output
Terminology management
Easy import of complex file formats
Possible integration with dictation software Less physical strain on eyes and hands
Possible integration with dictation software What do TEnTs do? Workflow Translation memory
Statistics Project set-up and analysis Translation Clean-up Presentation of text in segments
Commit or flag segments
Edit glossary Return text to original format
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