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Art Project

No description

Rhiann Fleming

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Art Project

ARt PRoject
Impressionism Key Artists Claude monet New South Wales Fredric Bazille Au Bord du Lez Mary Casset Self Portrait Surrealism Minimalism
WHat Influenced this movement? How did People react to this movement?
Salvidor Dali The Dream Max Ernest The Silence
Rene Magritte Son of Man The impressionism movement began
with a group of painters who were regected from a French art show because of their new style of painting. These painters then decided to create a new style of painting so they could express themselves in a way that was unherd of at the current time
mid 1800's to the early 1900's In the beggining of the Impressionism movement
people were extremely surprised by the art these painters were doing.
There was lots of critisizm for the art and the artists, but soon the idea of impressionism caught on and became a very popular art style. The art movement surrealism began with artists begginging to expiriment with the element of surprise in their art and the centre of the art movement was in Paris. Frank Stella Die Fahne Hoch! Piet Mondrian Composition Number 10 What influenced the movement of minimalism
was said to be often interpreted as a reaction against abstract expression.
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