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No description

Graham McNamee

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of acceleration

Rebecca Braeuer-Thorne
Nick Barry
Meghan Stuart
Kunal Chettiar
Andy Liu Acceleration By: Graham McNamee Presented By: Setting Time Place Cultural Setting Atmosphere, Mood picture Main Characters Duncan Scott Webber (Roach) Vinny Wayne Background Information Graham McNamee got several awards such as ALA Best Book for young Adults and an ALA Quick Pick, the austrian Children's Book Award, and was nominated for the Governor General's Award Graham McNamee was born and raised in Toronto Graham McNamee published his first book August 14, 2001 Other Characters Kim Jacob Dad Mom Roach's Grandmother The Complication Duncan tells his friend Vinny about the book and he urged Duncan to bring the book to the police. When Duncan does take it to the police they don’t take him seriously so Duncan leaves with the book. Duncan finds a clue in the book which show that the owner works at the mall as a security guard. Duncan and Vinny follow two guards that are possible suspects from the mall but they both turn out to be dead ends. Later on Scott Weber comes into the lost and found to claim the book. Duncan follows him home and waits until he goes out, then calls his friend Wayne to come and help him get into Scott’s house. After they look around the house for a while Wayne leaves but Duncan stays to look some more and is there when Scott gets back. Scott chases Duncan out of his house with a knife all the way to a subway station where Scott ends up hit by a train and Duncan with several broken bones but still alive. Types of complications Character vs. Character Character Vs. Self Character vs. Society Duncan is trying to find and unknown man he believes already has or is soon to become a murderer People don't take Duncan's thoughts about the book the found seriously 5 key words Irrigated on P.97, I chose this word because it was a word used to set the mood in this section of the book Silhouette P.187, I chose it because it describes the way something is seen by a character Indication P.182, I chose this word because it tells the mood of a character Epidemic P.7, I chose this because it changes the mood of the setting Delinquents P.21, I chose this word because it is a characteristic of the main characters past Pertinent Passages passage passage info passage info passage passage info passage passage info Conections passage Conection Passage Connection The Writer's Style exammple of writes style writes style shown by example exammple of writes style exammple of writes style Conclusion : Was This A Good Read? overall impression of the novel What made it a good read Would you read another book by the same author What type of reader would enjoy this book Credits Setting, Complication, and Conflict Rebecca Braeuer-Thorne Illustrator and Character Studies your name Passages and Conections Meghan Stuart Backgrounf Information and Key Words your name Writer's Style and Conclusion your name He is seventeen
Main character
He works in a subway
Ex Criminial
Likes to read
Rational -2003
-Summer break
-Over the span of 2-3 weeks -Toronto, Ontario
-City's subway stations
-Toronto transit Commissions lost and found
-The Jungle (a slang name for a poorer neighborhood made up of apartment buildings) -Lower, working class
-characters are youths -Intense
-something big is always happening, you don't want to put the book down
-At every point in the book you're wondering whats going to happen next The Jungle Duncan is not sure weather he should pressure the unknown man or hand his information over to the police transit lost and found Duncan finds a book in the lost and found where he works and discovers that it is the diary of a possible murderer. Duncan decides to try and find the owner of the book himself instead of bring what he found to the police. Graham McName is an extremely shy person When Duncan first finds the leather book, while looking through it he found some old yellowed newspaper clippings. The first and last paragraph he read was so awful he dropped the book and quoted "The world is full of ugly, twisted people." I picked this as a passage because of how disgusted Duncan was and I really think from what he said it sets the tone on the book and story. Duncan is now figuring out that this is no ordinary book or no ordinary person. "On March 14, two cats were found hanging by their necks from lengths of chain, nailed to telephone polls in a back alley of Wilson Heights. the animal had been eviscerated. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers." Adult
Acne Scarred
Tortures Animals
Lives with grandma
Serial Killer strange
Ex Criminal
Lock picker
Duncan's best friend
Wise the connection Duncan, Wayne, and Vinnie had was that they all didn't really fit in with the other groups of kids so they made there own little pack and they all live the same life style, like how they all live in the "jungle" the Connection Between Duncan and Kim is that they dated each other and Kim had broken up with Duncan for him being to over protective or her and not letting her live her life. at the end of the book when Duncan's in the hospital from his subway injuries Kim explains how she should of been looking out for him now the way Duncan did to Kim one of Duncan's best friend
3 member of their triad
the muscles of the group
arrogant when the girl had lost her life from drowning in the water and Duncan thinking he had a chance to save her, then in the end not being able to is haunting Duncan. I picked this passage because it shows the type of person he is. The feelings he had were depressed scared, ashamed, and along with the night mares he had kept reminding him. that whole tragic event has scared him. " I had the dream again. It's been a couple of months since the last one. I was hoping I could forget about it, hoping it would forget about me. leave me alone.
the dreams always the same." Kim is a blonde 17 year old, who is caring about the people around her. She was also Duncan's ex girlfriend, broke with him because he was overprotective, instead of acting like a boyfriend, he acted like a bodyguard. Jacob works at the same place Duncan worked at, he was described as grouchy, yells a lot, he was also depressed because his wife died, and he could care less if you died the next day.
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