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Copy of Trauma Informed Care At CMMHC

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Steven Loos

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Trauma Informed Care At CMMHC

Client Trauma
Organizational Self-Assessment
Expert Model- National Council for Behavioral Health
Organizational Trauma
Three Levels of Trauma
Why Trauma Informed Care at CMMHC?
Why Trauma Informed Care at Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Introduction to the Organizational Self-Assessment (OSA)
Customized Action Plan
The National Council recommends using the OSA with the implementation team to create a shared definition of Trauma Informed Care, gather baseline data and assess the culture of the agency
CMMHC has decided to give everyone the opportunity to take the assessment
We want to hear both what we are doing well to create sanctuary and what we need to work on
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) study suggests 2/3 of the population has at least one adverse experience
ACES score increases drastically when sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status are factored in
ACES scores are associated with both psychological and medical conditions
Trauma symptoms are adaptive and protect them from subsequent abuse

CMMHC hires staff from the general population, thus many of us have experienced our own ACES
Staff can be triggered by our clients and our client's stories
Secondary Traumatization or Compassion Fatigue
Countertransference and the stress of our work can hinder our ability to be present with clients
CMMHC was personally invited to participate in the TIC Learning Community
The board fully funded and supports this initiative
Cheryl Sharp, MSW, ALWF, Senior TIC Consultant has assisted over 800 organizations in implementing trauma informed care
Organizations are not machines and can also be traumatized
Reflect on how your work environment has impacted your stress during the past 6 months
Work stress decreases innovation, creativity, morale and professional development
It also can influence how present we are with our clients
The Leadership Team at CMMHC believes that staff have been attempting to communicate this to us both directly and indirectly- it is time to listen
Taking an inside look at creating sanctuary for clients, staff and our community.
Trauma Informed Care At CMMHC
Restoring Sanctuary
Staff Trauma
(Bloom and Farragher, 2011)
(Bloom and Farragher, 2011)
(Bloom and Farragher, 2011)
(Bloom and Farragher, 2011)
Action Plan
CMMHC TIC Tip of the Week
Invitation to Share the Work
7 Domains of Trauma Informed Care
Early Screening and Comprehensive Assessment
Consumer Drive Care and Services
Trauma Informed, Educated and Responsive Workforce
Trauma Informed, Evidenced Based Practices
Safe and Secure Environment
Community Outreach and Partnership Building
Ongoing Performance Improvement and Monitoring
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