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on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of THESIS PRESENTATION 1- blue

Art and Architecture
Community Design of an Done by: Thomas Joseph
Guided by: Dr. Naseer M A AIM To develop a design village that redefines the ideas of an architectural practice.

A village, a cluster of spaces where architects, designers, painters, artists, craftsmen and the clients, work together to design and evolve a mix of traditional building arts in contemporary architecture. The organization revolves around an architectural design studio which upholds the idea of participatory architecture. OBJECTIVE To study the relevance of collaborative architectural practice in present scenario.

To understand the work and procedures of various fields of construction.

To design a model of an ideal architectural practice which can evolve designs that results from co-existence of expert consultations from various fields, in the same campus.

To explore how spaces can initiate dialogue between the skilled craftsmen architect and the clients. This thesis proposes to establish a design village which redefines the present day ideas of running an architectural practice.

It emerges from the concern over the modern architectural firms which do not believe in architects and skilled craftsmen working together for design development and construction. RELEVANCE
This setup allows the craftsmen and the clients to participate directly in the design development along with the architects. SCOPE To design an Architecture Studio which handles about 35 - 50 small and mid scale projects annually.

To develop workshops for: carpentry, metal works, mud construction, masons, textile and upholstery works, stone works, pottery, show pieces, decoration and furnishing items, etc.

Research and development facilities for development of new construction techniques and training cells for the craftsmen.

To create spaces that can serve as interaction platforms for the skilled personals from different fields of creativity.

Show rooms and exhibition areas for the display and sale of art works.

To provide accommodation, recreation and other ancillary facilities for the resident craftsmen, designers, students, clients and visitors. METHODOLOGY Preliminary Study Conceptualizing Aim and Objective Scope and Feasibility of Study Data
Collection Case
Studies Site Selection Site
Study Analysis and Inferences Conceptual Design INTRO architecture studio + product designing + carpentry + pottery + metal works + masonry + fabrics + painters + artists + furnishings Collaborative architectural design is multidisciplinary simultaneous design from the very start of a project. Socio - Economic Evaluation in districts in Kerala
Study of tastes of people in diff. parts of the state
Requirements v/s Availability analysis
Proximity to main construction hubs Requirements of a design studio, various workshops and labs
Data regarding show rooms and exhibition spaces
Interview and discussion with architects:
> Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya
> Ar. Bejoy Jain Topography and site
Micro and Macro climate
Views and vistas
Grid analysis
Opportunities and threats Live Case studies :
> Earth Institute, Auroville
> Dakshin chitra, Chennai
> Studio Mumbai, Mumbai
> Craft park, Kutch
To study organization of diff spaces
Various requirements, proximity, functions LIMITATION Difficulty in public acceptance due to introduction of new a ideology.
Absence of architectural practices with similar beliefs.
Case studies of each aspect needs to be done separately.
Varied requirements for each type of workshops. The endeavor is to show the genuine possibility in creating buildings that emerge through a process of collective dialog, a face-to-face sharing of knowledge through imagination, intimacy, and modesty. . . THANK YOU THOMAS JOSEPH B080258AR Design Development Final Design Feasibility of Final Design Design of individual buildings
Design of public open spaces and facilities
Draft plan, revisions Preparation of Master Plan Land Zoning
Preparation of Master Plan
Spatial organization
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