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The multiplier

No description

devin frantz

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of The multiplier

I would make something called the multiplier that can times anything you want by however much you want. This is why I would make this product. Next how I would make it. Finally how much it would cost. This is why I would make it.

This is how you make it. First, you get a metal box. Then, you get a glass door and screw it on to the metal box. Next, you need to put the moder in the bottom of the box. Then paint it any color. After that you need to cover it in plastic for shipping. It’s a good price too.

It’s only one thousand dollars. Really it’s not that expensive if you think about it. You could put your money in it and get the money that you used to buy it back. They would run out fast if they were in a store.You could be a millionaire. Also if you want two of something then you could put whatever you want two of in the multiplier. That’s what I would do for my invention.

This is what I just talked about. Why I made the product. How I would build it. How much it would cost. That’s what I would invent.

It’s called the multiplier. The first reason is that because people that are poor could be rich. I think everyone should have a great life. If you see someone up with a sign by a store you could help. You could make their day by doing that. You could go all over the nation and help people. It doesn’t take that long to make.

The multiplier
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