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Rose Harkness

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by Chayla-Rose Brewster Cell Analogy: The Whonivers The Doctor: The Nucleus The TARDIS: Lysosomes Chameleon Ciruit: cell wall River Song: nuclear membrane TARDIS key: cell membrane The Doctor's mind: nuclolus Gallifrey: chromatin The Doctor is similar to the nucleus because he is the "brain of all the missions and controls everything. The TARDIS is like lysosomes because it, like lysosomses transports things places. In this case, it transports the Doctor and his companions. The purpose of the nuclear membrane is to protect the nucleus to outside danger and foreign objects. River Song functions similarly in that she provides defense when the Doctor requires it. The inner machinations of the Doctor's mind are what comes up with ideas, missions, and solutions in the same way a nucleolus provides proteins. Chromatin is what DNA is stored in. If DNA is one's history or origins, Gallifrey is where the Doctor's origins are. The chameleon circuit, in a sense,
is like a defense or protection
mechanism for the TARDIS. It makes
the TARDIS into whatever the
Doctor wants it to look like, thus,
protecting it from outside objects,
similarly to a cell wall. The cell membrane regulates what goes in and out of the cell in the same way the TARDIS key helps filter what goes in and out of the TARDIS Space: cytoplasm Cytoplasm is what the organelles travel through in order to complete protein assembly. Space is what the Doctor travel through in order to complete missions. Sonic Screwdriver: Mitochondria Mitochondria is the "power house" of a cell. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver is what gives the Doctor his greatest power source. Rooms in the TARDIS: Vacuoles The vacuoles of a cell are what is used for storage in the same way that the numerous rooms of the TARDIS are. Planets: Ribosomes The planets of the universe are like ribosomes in that they are providers of life and are where missions and instructions are carried out on. Space and Time Continuum:Endoplasmic Reticulum The purpose of the endoplasmic reticulum is to give the organelles membranes to move around and the space and time continuum serves that purpose Golgi bodies: companions houses This is the permanent home of the companion. This part of the Whoniverse is where extra things are stored for when the Doctor needs them next. Daleks: Chloroplast The daleks give the Doctor the energy he needs to protect and defend all life forms in the same way chloroplast gives cells the energy it needs to carry out protein production. Other Time Lords: Chromosomes If chromatin is Gallifrey, than chromosomes would be a more condensed version of that, which would be other time lords. The other time lords carry around the history or Gallifrey with them. Doctor's Companions: Cytoskeleton The Doctor's companions are like cytoskeleton because they give structure to the Whoniverse in the sense that they will do whatever it takes to keep the universe in tact. Heart of the TARDIS: Plastid Plastid releases specific chemicals that allow the cell to function in the same way the heart of the TARDIS has the core elements to make the TARDIS and the Doctor function. Huon Energy: Cilia The huon energy of the universe is what makes the TARDIS fly and move just like the cilia allows the cell to move. Doctor's Regeneration: Centriole The centriole of a cell is what allows cell division. In the same sense, the Doctor's regeneration ability does the same things in that it allows his existence to continue.
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