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people of the civil war

No description

chris walton

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of people of the civil war

People of the Civil War ! John Hampend
he was a patriot in the
civil war. Stonewall Jakson he was a genaral
in the Civil War John - Pope He was a miltary genaral
and was on the north. Aberham Licon He was the 16th presideant
of the us and the only abolitiosinits
pesident. Robert E LEE he was an army oficer
in the civil war he died
in 1870. Jeferson Davis he was the president
of the confedrit states
America. Harit Tubam she was a slave that
helped other slaves
ecsape and sucseeded Edward Poter Alexander he was a southern
genarol in the war by: chris walton Fredrik Douglass He was a slave that
escaped and fought
in the civil. THE END Jophes O. Shebly
He was confedarent
sates genral. he dide
along time ago this is epic willam teumshe Sherman he was another
genaral of the civil
war. rock on
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