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Renaissance Museum Tour

No description

Larissa Campos

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Museum Tour

Renaissance Museum Tour Lorena Alfaro and Larissa Campos Style of painting/Material used- Person/subject of the art- Biography- Mono Lisa The painting technique used on the Mono Lisa is called Sfumato, which is using colors and blending softly into each other, rather than objects or shapes having sharp outlines or hard edges C
s http://painting.about.com/od/famouspainters/ig/famous-paintings/Leonardo-Mona-Lisa.htm The Mono Lisa is believed to be Lisa Gherardni, but no one is sure about who the woman in the painting is. Art historians believe that the smile indicates that she was expecting a baby. By: Leonardo da Vinci 1503-1519 Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in the town of Vinci. Spent his childhood in the Tuscan countryside.He began painting when he was 17 when he moved to Florence his talent was shown to the great master Verrocchio and took Leonardo as his student. He has many different techniques from other artist during his time. The Last Supper 1495-1498 Style of painting/Material used- Person/subject of the art- By:Leonardo da Vinci The subject of the painting portrays what the last supper would look like based on the Christians New testament and how this feast helps us remember how we should drink and eat in the future in remembrance of him. http://www.leonardodavinci.net/ The last supper was made on dry plaster with a mixture he made of tempera which is egg yolks and vinegar mixed together and also used oil paint. Leonardo then sealed the stone wall with pitch which sealed the layer of tempera. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/leonardo-da-vinci-last-supper-painting.html Cecilia Gallerani was the mistress of Ludovico Sforza and wanted Leonardo to catch the beauty of her in his painting 1489-1490 By: Leonardo da Vinci Style of painting/Material used- Person/subject of the art- For this portrait Leonardo used oil on a wooden canvas. Lady With an Ermine http://www.lairweb.org.nz/leonardo/ermine.html http://www.leninimports.com/jacques_daret.html Virgin and child in an Interior room 1435-1436 By: Jacques Daret Biography- Style of painting/material used- Person/Subject of the art- Jacques Daret was a painter in Tournai in 1427. Painted an altarpiece for St.Vasst . Showing a strong influence from master of Flemalle Robert Campin because of their same styles people first believe the painting was by Robert Campin until recently when they figured out it was Jacques Daret The art is portraying Mary and Jesus as an infant in a room of a house somewhere in the Low Countries. How it’s his bath time and the copper basin full of water is warming by the fire . used tempera and fresco techniques, used a glaze over the window and copper ewer so light could reflect on the painting. Renaissance By Andrew Graham- Dixon in 1999 Madonna and Child with Saints 1505 By: Giovanni Bellini Person/subject of art- The painting depicts four saints standing beside virgin and child to show vulnerability of the infant body.Madonna is the virgin and the child is Jesus Biography- Giovanni Bellini is one of the hardest artist to pin down. Since he used different sources for his paintings. He understood the beauty of the Byzantine art, and took ideas from Greece and Rome Style of painting/material used- Material used for the painting was oil paint.Style of the painting included the architecture from San Marco and Rome. Materials used for the sculpture- Person/Subject of the art- Biography- Four Crowned Martyrs 1412-1415 By: Nanni Di Banco Material used was stone and Bronze. The men in the sculpture are Castorius, Claudius, Symphorianus, and Nicostiratos. The men are a group of early christian sculptures. According to a legend they refused to carve a statue of the god Aesculapuis. Nanni Di Banco (1384–1421) was trained by his father, who was Antonio di Banco, his father was a sculptor who worked with Niccolò d'Arezzo on the Cathedral of Florence. Nanni's first important work, was a life-size marble statue of the prophet Isaiah. Material used for the sculpture- Person/ Subject of the art- Biography- Tomb of Leonardo Bruni 1444-1446 By: Bernardo Rossellino The man in the sculpture is Leonardo Bruni he was a historian and a former chancellor also was a humanist of the Florentine republic. At his funeral he was crownded with a wreath of laurel. Bernardo Rossellino (1409-1464) was an italian sculptor who also worked as an architect. Style of painting/Material used- Person/subject of the art- Vitruvian Man 1487 By: Leonardo da Vinci The man in the drawing is Vitruvius, he was an ancient Roman architect.This drawing depicts Vitruvius fitting his body to a circle and a square by adjusting the position of his arms and legs. The materials used for this painting was a pen and paper. Biography- Materials used for sculpture- Person/Subject of the art- St.Mark 1411-1413 By: Donatello Marble was used for the sculpture. st. Mark is a saint and supposed to be God's spokesman on earth,also God's magnificence and terror is depicted by his mystical nature of his gaze. http://thealchemicalegg.com/VitruviusN.html Donatello, was born in Florence around 1386 and died there in 1466. With his great imagination at the time he was one of the greatest sculptors of the early renaissance. http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/dona/hd_dona.htm St. George 1415-1417 By: Donatello Materials used for sculpture- Person/Subject of the art- St.George was half man half boy this adolescent knight in armor and waiting for a dragon to vanquish. Made out of bronze. Gattemelata 1447-1453 By: Donatello Material used in sculpture- Person/subject of the art- Bronze is used in the sculptures. The sculpture is in honor of Erasmo Da Narni
who was one of the most powerful condottieri
and the sculpture is inspired by statue Marcus Aurelius. The material used for this sculpture was stone. Biography_ Style of Painting/Material used- Person/Subject of the art- 1510-1511 By: Raphael The School of Athens The School of Athens represents all the greatest mathematicians, philosophers and scientists gathered together sharing their ideas and learning from each other. The people in this painting have all lived at different times, but here they are gathered all together. http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/school-of-athens.html The style of this painting is Fresco which is a mural painting technique which permanent lime proof pigments, dispersed in water, which are painted on freshly laid lime plaster. Raphael, also known as Raffaello Sanzio was born on April 6, 1483 in Urbino, Italy. He was a painter and architect during the High Renaissance.His dad was a painter and Raphael passed away on April 6, 1520. The Transfiguration By: Raphael 1516-1520 Style of painting/Material Used- Person/Subject of the art- The lower half of the painting shows Jesus casting an evil spirit from a boy, just after returning to his normal state. His disciples had failed at the same time. Oil was one of the materials used in this painting. http://www.artbible.info/art/large/613.html 1504 By: Raphael Style of painting/Material used- Person/Subject of the art- The materials used in this painting was oilpaint, oil painting is the process of painting with pigments that are bound with a medium of drying oil. The Marriage of the Virgin The Birth of Venus 1486 By: Sandro Botticelli Biography- Style of painting/Material used- Person/Subject of the art- The Birth of Venus depicts the goddess Venus, having emerged from the sea as a fully grown woman, arriving at the sea-shore Oil was one of the materials used in this painting. http://historylink101.com/art/Sandro_Botticelli/bio_Botticelli.htm Sandro Botticelli, (1444-1510) began his career during the Italian Renaissance period. Botticelli was born in Florence in the year 1445. When Sandro was older he convinced his father that he wanted to start painting and then Sandro was chosen to be the apprentice of the famous painter known as Fra Filippo Lippi. Material used on the sculpture- Person/Subject of the art- Biography- Person/Subject of the art- David
By: Michelangelo Materials used for the sculpture- This statue was made out of stone. The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti By: John Addington Symonds, Michelangelo sculpture of David depicts David before the battle. Verrochio's and Donatello's also made a sculpture of David but their sculpture is of David standing over Goliath's severed head after the battle. http://vlsi.colorado.edu/~rbloem/david.html Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475 and died on February 18, 1584 Michelangelo was born into a family of moderate means in the banking business, he became an apprentice to a painter before studying in the sculpture gardens of the powerful Medici family. By: Michelangelo Pieta 1498-1499 This statue was made out of marble. The statue represented Madonna holding Christ's body in her arms. http://www.wga.hu/frames-e.html?/html/m/michelan/1sculptu/pieta/1pieta1.html Person/Subject of the art- Style of painting/Material used- Portrait of a Young Man By: Giovanni Bellini 1505 This painting is a portrait of a young man named Doge Loredan. http://www.wga.hu/framese.html?/html/m/michelan/1sculptu/pieta/1pieta1.html The technique used on this painting was oil painting on a wooden panel. St.Sebastian By : Andrea Mantegna 1480 Style of Painting- The painting uses tempera on a canvas. Person/subject of art- Saint Sebastian shows the tortured body of a saint or horrible issues from the past. Also show the harsh workings of the world. Biography- Andrea Mantegna is a north Italian painter born at Isola di Carturo in the year 1431, Andrea Mantegna started his love for painting as a child. He started at the studio of Francesco Squarcione and got his reputation at the age of 17.For is his work on the altarpiece called S. Lucia. Parnassus By: Andrea Mantegna 1495 style of painting- Parnassus was made on a canvas with tempera. Person/subject of art- The painting represents the celebration of Isabella d’Este getting married to Francesco Gonzaga. Resurrection of the Dead 1499-1502 By: Luca Signorelli style of painting- oil painting on a canvas Person/ subject of the art- The subject is how the dead are awoken by angels and is based on first Corinthians 15:52 “the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” Biography- Luca was born in Corton, his great grandfather, who took care of Luca, placed Luca to study painting with Pier Dei Franceschi. http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/the-last-judgement.html http://www.louvre.fr/en/oeuvre-notices/saint-sebastian http://www.studymode.com/essays/Art-History-Ii-Andrea-Mantegna-1100270.html http://www.boglewood.com/cornaro/xmantegna.html http://www.almartinez.com/midi/resurrection.htm http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/arts/artwork/michelangelo-sculptures10.htm http://kaie-arwen.hubpages.com/hub/Michelangelo-Painter-Sculptor-Poet http://totallyhistory.com/titian/ Moses 1513-1515 By: Michelangelo Material used on sculpture- The sculpture is carved out of marble. Person/ subject of the art- The person in the sculpture represents a reduced version of the tomb of the pope Julius II. The Marriage of the Virgin depicts a marriage ceremony between Mary and Joseph. Fire in the Borgo By: Raphael 1514-1517 Style of painting- Used the technique fresco which is painting on a moist surface with colors ground up in water or limewater mixture. Person/ subject of art- The subject of the painting is supposed to be based on how the pope had authority but instead it shows chaos breaking out in Borgo from a fire that had started. Bacchus and Ariadne By: Tiziano Vecellio or Titian 1522-1523 Style of painting- The use of oil paint gave the paint the vibrant look. Person/ subject of art- Titian decided to take mythology and make it more about aspects of life. The painting depicts Bacchus and Ariadne falling in love at first sight, and how the world seems to stop at the moment people fall for each other. Biography- Tiziano Vecellio, Titian in English. Was born near the Austrian Border no one is really sure what year he was born. In 1498, he and his brother left Francesco for Venice to begin their training as painters with a man named Sebastiano Zuccato. The Last Judgement By: Hieronymus Bosch 1500 Style of Painting- In the last Judgement christ is sitting at the top while the world had gone to ruin and chaos.The people sitting to the left symbolize the damned and begging for forgiveness.While the ones on the right are blessed. Used oil paintings on a panel. person/subject of the art- Biography- Born in the 1450, he was a northern painter. The critics and the society of his time thought his art was pointless. Now critics believe he went deep inside the human mind, which was unusual for his time
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