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The Islamic Toothbrush

No description

Britt Watters

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of The Islamic Toothbrush

An Islamic Invention THE TOOTHBRUSH! A Special Thanks To... The Benefits Today... The Story?.... When? Where? The Islamic Toothbrush! This Toothbrush helps clean your teeth
and massage your gingival tissues The Creator .... The Creator of The Miswaak
Toothbrush is
''The Prophet Muhammad'' Muhammad's Symbol Fun Facts About Muhammad: -Born In Mecca,570.Died In 632 A.D. -He Was Messenger Of the God, Allah. -He was an orphan, adopted by his Uncle. -Both of his 2 Sons Died in Their Early Childhood! -His Prophet hood lasted 23 years! The Miswaak First started Being popular in around 600 A.D. (Miswaak) It is Used from the Salvadora persica tree's branches, you simply bite an end off and the stringy fibers act as bristles! Muhammad believed people should have clean mouths while praying to Allah. Where exactly Mohammad had the splendid idea of using the Miswaak is undetermined, But The Miswaak tree usually grows in dry climates with green vegetation! He Also recognized that by using the Miswaak Your mouth would become less smelly and your gums would become healthier ! Allah's Symbol Everyone Uses some form of the Miswaak to This day, weather it be an actual Miswaak, or a Plastic Bristled modern toothbrush! http://www.lastprophet.info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miswak http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/Muslim/Inventions/toothbrush http://www.miswakstick.com/miswak.html http://haekalmuhamad.blogspot.ca/2006/06/10-facts-you-didnt-know-about-prophet.html Thanks For listening! By:Brit :)
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