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Tyler Palmquist

on 12 September 2009

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Transcript of me

My name is Tyler Palmquist I'm 14 years old I live in Tamarac My favorite animal is a wolf
<-------( I can't survive without video games!! I'm not a Star wars nerd either... :/ Well, not too much anyway... I'm 14 years old Mess with my Xbox 360 at your own risk! :] Isn't he cute?
)-------> This was literally 20 feet away from my house!
They were friends of mine too. Luckily no one was hurt but the dog, Guardian, was hit by the truck when it slammed into the house. They had to tear the house down and now it's an empty lot. :( I have a realativly small house and live with both my parents and my older brother which i have to share a bedroom with. Can you feel my pain? I also have two dogs, Rex and Zack. Rex, who is 14 years old, is a German Sheperd mixed with an Akita and Zack, who is either 11 or 12 years old, is German Sheperd mixed with a Rott. I'm an Italian! However, my current last name is not Italian(Palmquist). My Italian name on my mom's side is Nicolosi from the town in Sicily. I have always wanted to go there but my family never has the time or money. When I get old enough I hope to be able to move there. !CLICK! 3... ...2 I LOVE CRAZY CAT!
sorry if they're blurry "the voices are
telling me to kill u" "u have selected
bachelor #4" "i care about ur
really" "Conversion to anime
11% complete" google.com
type in the search box:
crazy cat
or icanhascheezburgers.com Rock is my favorite type of music and
I like all types of rock
Metalica, 30 Seconds to Mars,
Paramore, etc. END Don't I look happy?

I never did take
any good pictures.. {: ++
___ ..ZZZ well wasn't that exciting?
there's another 5 slides to go...
just kidding, no need to hang yourself :/ More favorites:

*Pasta is my favorite food
*My favorite vacation spot is Tennessee
*My favorite game is SW:KOTOR(RPG)
*My favorite movie is The Italian Job
*Cars like the Evo VII, Supera, and Mini-Cooper
are my favorite type of cars
*BMX is my favorite Sport
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