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Different forms of assessment and their relationship to the teaching cycle

iain bromley

on 23 July 2009

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Transcript of Assessment

Assessment What do you understand by the following terms:
Interim Informal:
this type of assessment
usually takes place within the class and is continious I.V.
Internal Verification.
This can simply be understood to
be the centre's own quality control
This type of assessment usually takes place at the end
of the course or module. Here the grade is offically recorded. Summative:
This assessment takes place at the end
of a project, module, unit or course.
The grade given for the work is recorded
if only on a course/ learner tracking sheet Interim:
This is usually an assessment
which takes place mid way through
the course / project.
The grade given can be used as an
indicator of a final grade for the course / unit I.A. Initial Assessment:
This should be completed prior to the start of the course.
It should give a clear picture of the learners abilities and if they will require support on the course. I. A. should also indicate if the learner is being put on the correct level of course What form of assessment
is missing ? Lets not forget Formative:
This type of assessment takes place in every class, it is ongoing!
Formative assessment can take the form of observations, Q&A to
1:1 tutorials.
There is no formal record of formative assessment but it is good practice for the tutor to record details in their teaching journal E. V.
External verification
This only applies to
qualification courses.
A subject specialist will come
from the awarding body to
moderate the grades and check the
quality systems of the centre
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