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The Ancient Aztecs

No description

Clara Somebody

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Ancient Aztecs

The Ancient Aztecs
Daily Life
Wake up by call conch shell
Neat and clean
Steam bath
Jewelry and sandals
Corn porridge and corn cakes
Staple food=corn
Embroidered clothing = wealthy
Jicama, peppers, beans, squash, and more
Turkeys, ducks, small dogs
Food from lake
Kept bees for honey
Cacao beans = money and favorite drink
Nobles= priests and leaders involved in religion, government, and war
Noble's houses very grand, with all needs met
All commoner's houses had a garden, not much furniture, lucky to have floor mats
Achievements and inventions
Larger scaled things already learned
Paintings and statues
Sundried blocks for noble's homes
Made chocolate
13 heavens and 9 underworlds
Steam bathing room believed to clean mind, body, and soul
Central America
Capital: Tenochtitlan (mexico city)
Effect of location (chinampas)
Mountains separated from others In between Sierra Madre Oriental and Occidental
Elevation around 6,560 ft
Highland climate
Emperor = dictatorship
Many cities
Noble families controlled each
Rule under emperor's law, could do own things
Severe laws
Could commit crime but admit before caught and no punishment
Clara Butler
End of Civilization
Quinn Evans
Conquered by Spain
Explored by Cortez
Mid 1500s they collapsed
Art and games live on!
Ellia Osofsky
Clara Butler

Luka Stanley
Quinn Evans
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