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Mean Girl Media

No description

felicia hernandez

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Mean Girl Media

Mean Girls: Is it a white thing?
Media Portrayal of a Mean Girl
Mae McKenzie, Madison Fisher, Sarah Boniche, Emma Lecarie, Emma Roseval, Katie Giannella
Image of the "Mean Girl" in Media
Do we all have a little Mean Girl in us?
TV is a powerful influence on all of us, but particularly young girls who are looking for role models.

Media glamorize the backbiting, gossiping, criticizing and competing between girls through beautiful hair, makeup, and clothes.

Regular viewers believed that “being mean earns you more respect than being nice” and are “more focused on the value of physical appearance.
Do you think there is a correlation between race and the type of aggression carried out?
Evolution of The Mean Girl
Minorities as Mean Girls
Is it really our fault?
Science or Society
Indirect Aggression versus Physical Aggression

Mean girls and evolution

Vaillancourt Study
Getting worse or just getting more attention?

Is "Mean Girl" behavior getting worse or just getting more attention?
Now answer again.....
Is "mean girl behavior" reserved for a small group like
The Plastics?
What she does:

Gives harsh and demanding feedback to others
Extremely argumentative
Rejects and is cold towards other women
Lies and gossips about other women
What she looks like:

The Mean Girl Phenomenon in Different Ethnic Groups

"Look, there's good and bad to everyone, right? Regina's just...she's just more upfront about it." -
Aaron Samuels, Mean Girls (2004)
Mean girls now and then:

"I think it's getting more attention. We have a lot of assemblies in our high school for anti-bullying.”

"I think it’s just getting more attention now. Its always been bad but you didn’t always see as much in movies in the media. You didn’t see girls getting into altercations on the news, where now people take videos. But the cattiness was always there.”

"I think with social media there are more venues and opportunities for mean girls.”
Boy vs. Girl Aggression
- "Contemporary showings of girl bullying sustain the idea that
girls are one another’s enemies, while simultaneously
contributing a more vicious and insidious enemy in the image of
the mean girl."

- White middle-class boys are typically deployed as the narrative’s moral center, not as bullies.
The Male Gaze
Men Controlling Media
This accounts for the change in the image of mean girls:

- In the past men controlled the image and only showed women being catty
- Now men control the image and show women being physical because sex sells

Men like to see this:

Victims and aggressors
suffer from the same

Lowered self-esteem


Socially rejected

Effects of a Mean Girl
We've All Been Through It
Define a mean girl.

Have you ever experienced mean girls in your adolescence?

How do you think that experience affected the rest of your adolescence and you as a person now?

If you could say anything to that person/persons what would you tell them now?

Do you think we all have a little mean girl inside of us?

Do you think the issue of mean girls is getting worse or getting more attention?

Boys will be boys but girls can't just be girls
Boys have a right to get physical and it’s accepted

Girls act mean and are villainized

This mean behavior is ingrained in both boys and girls but boys are excused

Middle class boys are seen as the voice of reason and are a representation of morality but middle class girls are represented as aggressive and mean

What Now?
6 Signs of a Mean Girl. (2013, June 11). Retrieved November 10, 2014, from

Bullies in disguise. Parent & Child. Retrieved November 28, 2014, from

Talbot, M. (2002, February 24). Girls just want to be mean. The New York Times.
Retrieved November 28, 2014, from

Vaillancourt, T. (2013). Do human females use indirect aggression as an intrasexual
competition strategy? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences,368(1631), 20130080-20130080. Retrieved November 1, 2014, from

Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences,368(1631),
20130080-20130080. Retrieved November 1, 2014, from
Parental support of children to learn healthy social skills

Finding an activity she loves and identifying her skills to build self-confidence

Empowerment programs
-Wiseman’s Apologies Day, Kind Campaign, GIRLSS, Reel Grrls, MeanGirlsMagazine

Our project is looked at through the lens of media and its bias against minorities and lower socioeconomic classes

Media has changed but mean girls have not

Adolescent girls expect this to be real life and internalize it and it manifests into reality

New efforts are being taken to counteract this ever-present girl on girl bullying issues.

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