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Oedipus Family Tree

No description

Michelle Rubano

on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of Oedipus Family Tree

Oedipus Family Tree
King Laios = Queen Jocasta
Queen Jocasta
King Laios was told by an oracle that his son would kill him, naturally when Oedipus was born, his father abandoned him and he was eventually adopted and raised by the King and Queen of Cortinth. When he learns he is adopted, he returns to Thebes to find his parents. He gets in a fight on the road to Thebes (road rage) and kills a man (his father, but he doesn't know). When he arrives in Thebes he falls and in love and marries the (now single) Queen Jocasta. 4 kids later he finds out she is really his long-lost mother.
Standing king of Thebes.
Supposed to alternate ruling years with his brother but refuses to give up the throne, this causes the brothers to fight and kill eachother.
Honorable burial
Vows to bury her brother.
Hamartia- stubborn loyalty to her family.
Stands up to patriarchy.
Dishonorable death
considered a traitor because he tried to remove his brother from the throne of Thebes, event though they agreed, after Oedipus died, to alternate ruling years.
This was destined to happen as predicted earlier by the oracle.
Forbidden to be buried or mourned.

Does not support Antigone because she knows it will lead to her death.
Not willing to stand up to patriarchy- character foil to Antigone.

Takes the throne of Thebes after
the death of Oedipus' sons.
Forbids burial of Polyneices.
Kills herself when she hears
of her son's suicide.
engaged to Antigone
kills himself when he finds her dead. Much like R&J.
Engaged to...
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