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MKT 243 Presentation 2013

Aiyaq Sdn Bhd. UiTM Kedah. Akmal Asyraaf

Afiq Johari

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of MKT 243 Presentation 2013

Fundamental of Marketing MKT 243 UiTM KEDAH 2013 AiYAQ SDN BHD Company's Background Company's Vision Company's Mission To become well known health company in the world.

To be the largest producers of HALAL product in the world of health.

Attract many foreign investors to invest in our company. Distribute product to other country.

Renew the product according to the health needs.

Create with the appropriate products for daily needs. Company's Logo Shape:

Water Splash:
water is essential of life. Without it we wouldn’t be able to cook or clean and most importantly, live.

Water crystals are always hexagonal in shape, which is the number of the company’s principles of which we abide by firmly. • Always emphasizing quality in all business done
• Always evaluate and make corrections and improvements on the tasks carried out
• Be open-minded and willing to accept changes and new ideas
• Always comply with the policies, principles and rules of work specified
• Always practice the spirit of cooperation and teamwork
• Always strive to improve excellence has allowed enhancing the knowledge, skills and integrity
• Always be aware of environmental conservation Aiyaq Sdn bhd. has been established since January 1997. The capital need to initially start up the business was obtained by bank loans to fund the buying of all the machinery necessary to produce our products, as well as hire the staff needed to work the machines.

Tan Sri Ahmad who has a wide knowledge about the intricacies of the business world and greatly contributed to the company in terms of capital, managing and marketing and so on. He also taught all employees on how to run the company efficiently and properly.

Our main headquarter is located at Alor Star while our factory is in Kulim. Alor Setar and Kulim both have great potential to grow in terms of development and technology.

Our company creates, advertises and sells our products in bulk to various other companies. Our products are all types of drinking refreshments such as mineral waters, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks and so on.
There are 70 employees under our wing, 20 in the headquarter and 50 in factories who help run the business efficiently. Tan Sri Ahmad takes very good care of all staff with bonuses, retirement packages and free healthcare. The employees are the driving force of the company.

Aiyaq Sdn Bhd is a company which focuses on all factors of corporate social responsibility or CSR. The company provides back to the community and hires people from inside the country and state to ensure employment amongst the society and participates in donations to various charities.

We practice good ethics by not testing on animals and by disposing our waste responsibly (not in sewages or rivers) and we always abide the laws, all whilst making an honest profit. Objective To concern about healthy.
To increase Malay economic.
To open job opportunity to unemployed. Mission Statement Aiyaq sdn bhd strives to be number one in producers of beverages of the highest quality whilst being affordable for everyone. Target Market All Group of People Tween, Teen, Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers Vitamin Water ? Flavour Kiwi-Strawberry Acai-Pomegranate Peach-Pineapple Grapefruit-Guava Our Product What? Why? Segmentation 1. Psycho-graphic 2. Geo-demographic Undifferentiated Targeting Strategy Kulim Hi-Tech, Kedah Aloq Setaq, Kedah Office Factory Place Our product are sold at all convenience stores and supermarkets. Also sold in bulk from Dydin for small-time businesses, for people who sell from home or in their restaurants. "Buy 2 free 1" "Drink test"
sample Promotion Print & Media
advertisement Price Price Penetration pricing technique of setting a relatively low initial entry price, often lower than the eventual market price, to attract new customers Why we choose it? Advantages ? Competitors Bliss Redbull Yalkult Conclusion QnA Session @AiyaqSdnBhd Aiyaq Sdn Bhd Recommendation 1) our company will produce vitamin water in larger bottles, for example 6 liters 2) We will create more flavors of vitamin water

3)We are also trying to increase the branches to facilitate our customer to select our products.

4)We also strive to market our products to more countries overseas, not just limited to the south east asian market.
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