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How Technology changed the World

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Fernando Gonzalez

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of How Technology changed the World

Education (Projectors & Clickers)
Communication (Social Media & Internet)
In 1807 the first car was built.
Replaced the use of carriages and horses.
Was faster and more effecient than riding horses.
After much progress cars to this day can drive up to 200,000 miles.
The fastest car is the Hennessey Venom Gt which can drive up to 270 mph.
Transportation (Cars)
Education (Computers)
How Technology changed the World
By Maria Flores & Fernando Gonzalez
In the the early 1900's radio were used to broadcast news.
By the 1931 the first TV was invented.
Channels were put on air in the late 1950's.
In 1960 color was added to the TV.
Communication (Television & Radio)
Technology is the making of a tool/machine used to help assist in everyday life purposes.
Ex: Computers, game consoles, cell phones, tools, equipment, transportation, etc.
Technology has effectively helped improve the way we communicate with one another, how the education system works, and transportation

What is technology?
In the early years people had to write letters and mail them which took about a week or two to do so.
Telegraphs were brought along in 1809 to send coded messages.
Cell phones came along in 1973.
After years of development cell phones to these days can do multi-tasks and send messages or make calls within seconds.
Communication (Cell Phones)
The first computer invented in 1822.
Computers: used to do research, social media, homework asssignments, etc.
Students are able to retrieve information much faster than to read a book.
It is now a necessity for a student to have a computer or have access to one by 3rd grade.
Teachers are using projectors more often to teach lessons than chalkboards.
Most schools have stopped using chalkboards by 2004.
Remotes or "Clickers" are now being used by students to answer questions in class.
The first online social network was in 1997 where American could chat with one another on AOL Chat Room.
Google opens as a major main search engine in 1998.
After years of development Friendster was open to the public in 2001 then Myspace a year after.
Facebook was open for harvard students in 2004.
By 2010 social media was virtually accessed everywhere.
Transportation (Airplanes)
Transportation (Rockets)
The first plane to work was in 1902 by the Wright Brothers.
The plane flew 10 feet from the ground.
Able to reach locations five times faster than the average car.
The fastest plane is the Supersonic Blackbird which reached up to 13,000 mph.
The first rocket ever made was in 1702.
The first successful rocket was in in V2 missile in 1942.
In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are the first to be on the moon.
The last space shuttle launch was the Atlantis in 2011.
Technology has reach a whole new type of evolution in which it makes our everyday lives much easier to live and prosper.
The End.
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