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The Origin of Zuccaro

No description

Sarah Zuccaro

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of The Origin of Zuccaro

A family legacy or something The Origin of "Zuccaro" The Meaning The Famous Ones Federigo Zuccaro The last name Zuccaro comes from the Italian word
"zucchero", which means sugar. My family is half Italian, and my great grandmother and grandfather were originally from Italy. Two of my great uncles, Federigo Zuccaro and Taddeo Zuccaro, were both brilliant painters during the Renaissance period. Taddeo had the honor of painting with Michelangelo himself and Federigo traveled Italy making paintings for important people. On a side note... My great grandmother and grandfather had an arranged marriage. My great grandmother's family from Italy sent her to the United States to marry my great grandfather. She didn't speak English, and he didn't speak Italian, so on their wedding night they couldn't even communicate! Taddeo Zuccaro's Artwork "The Solemn Entrance of Emporer Charles V into Paris" Self-Portrait The Future That's about all the history we have for the name Zuccaro thus far, but I'm an aspiring artist and my brother is a potential engineer or inventor, so I have high hopes for our namesake's future.
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