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Steve Tisch

No description

ana abduljelil

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Steve Tisch

Steve Tisch
He was born on February 14, 1949 in Lakewood, NJ.
He has 3 kids; 2 girls and a boy. He was married twice but only had kids with Alexander.
Personal life of Steve
Growing up Steve attended Tuff university and that's when he began his film making career.
By, Ana Abduljelil
The Family
Owner of New York Giants and Film Maker
History of his Career
When he was young, Tisch created a number of small films with backing by Columbia Pictures.
As he kept moving up in has filming career he was able to prodcast his own TV show.
After all his work he was named the chairman and vice president of the New York Giants.
About his business
In 1976, he left Columbia and created his first feature film, Outlaw Blues.
In 1984, Tisch produced a made-for-TV movie called The Burning Bed.
He ended up producing many great popular movies like the Weatherman, The pursuit of happiness, Knowing, and etc.
Tisch was named chairman and Executive Vice President of the New York Giants American football team in 2005
How he started up
He started out by making small films on his own at a young age.
Although he could of done many other things, he stuck with filming because he was very passionate about it.
After a successful filming career he was able to became a rich man that became the chairman of the New York Giants.
Change to improve ?
Steve was a very successful guy and had amazing movies that i myself loved. He had inspirational, love, comedy, and thrillers.
Also after all that he went on to own the New York Giants.
In my opinion i feel that everything that could of been done, has been done. Other coming up with more movies.
About Tisch
Steve was passionate about what he did.
He believed in himself when everyone including his family didn't.
He took risks if there was a slight chance of him being successful.
Contribution to Society
Steve has inspired many people in opinion including myself. The movies he makes are very inspirational and I didn't it was Steve that inspired me until now but his movies were very touching.
When he became a chairman for the football team, his contribution led them to multiple championships.
Things I admire about him
I admire that Steve didnt take the easy way out in becoming the successful man he is today, he took risks and went through the right path without shortcuts.
I also admire the movies he has filmed. I can tell how passionate he is just from watching his movies.

Tisch Vs Abdulejlil
Never gives up
Has a dream

Into wrestling
Works out alot
Big f
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