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How not to sound like a call centre

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Jeremy Levitt

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of How not to sound like a call centre

How not to sound like a call centre
Be better by sounding different
For staff:
Scrap the jargon
Be less stiff
Be genuine
Ask and listen more than you speak
For management:
Hire for English skills esp. conversational
Hire for attitude
Encourage a culture that values quality
Use KPIs to measure performance, not to control staff

Change the Words & Phrases
Not every experience is like that.....but as the saying goes:
Previous experiences
What do Australians typically experience when they receive or make calls to call centre staff?
What Can You Do?
Let's try out 4 simple scenarios
My supervisor
Your business is important to us
"fluffy" phrases
When You Don't Know
Be confident that you're unsure
Don't fake it
Short hold time, quickly put through to another or call back
Long waits in queues
Annoying IVRs you hear over and over again
Accents that are hard to understand
Mediocre English skills
Q&A rather than conversation
Misunderstanding the issue
Hierarchy, transfers and escalations
Long periods on hold or sudden disconnection
Poor quality of the phone line
Scripts and disclaimers
Jargon and technical language
Different answers from different people
Big open rooms with thousands of people
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