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Violent Video Games and Children

No description

samantha hansen

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Violent Video Games and Children

Violent Video Games and Children
What I learned about searching...
All of these databases were really helpful with finding information about my scenario. Using the library databases is extremly useful especially when you narrow it down for example, books, scholarly articles,newspapers,ect. The CRAPP test is also a good tool to use. It shows you the difference between good and bad websites and the credibility they have. Lastly APA is important because if you do not cite a website it is plagiarism.
What I learned about my scenario...
Supporting Examples
"Studies of children exposed to violence have shown that they can become: “immune” or numb to the horror of violence, imitate the violence they see, and show more aggressive behavior with greater exposure to violence (Children and Video Games)". Some kids take the violence into their own hands and act out on it. This constant exposure can also lead to poor social skills, lower grades, isolation from family and friends, weight gain, and aggressive thoughts (Children and Video Games)". These games are filled with violent things such as killing of people and animals, drug and alcohol use,criminal behavior, sexual exploitation, any much more (Children and Video Games)".
Supporting Examples
An experiment done by Christopher Barlett proved that exposure to video games does in fact provoke violence. The experiment consisted of 47 undergraduates who played “Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance” for 15 minutes. Afterward, the team took various measures of arousal, both physical and psychological. They also tested whether the students would behaved more aggressively, by having them dole out hot sauce to a fellow student who, they were told, did not like spicy food but had to swallow the sauce. Sure enough the theory was proven right the students who played Mortal Kombat gave out bigger dosages of hot sauce to the other students (Carey)". This experiment proves that even mere exposure to violent games can have a negative effect.

I learned that violent video games do in fact have a negative impact on children. This was shown through numerous websites from books to scholarly articles with countless experiments and examples of how children do receive negative effects. There were some examples of how video games didn't have an effect on children but there was not enough to make a strong argument.
Carey, B. (n.d.). Shooting in the Dark. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/12/science/studying-the-effects-of-playing-violent-video-games.html?_r=0
Children and Video Games: Playing with Violence. (n.d.). Children and Video Games: Playing with Violence. Retrieved from http://www.aacap.org/AACAP/Families_and_Youth/Facts_for_Families/Facts_for_Families_Pages/Children_and_Video_Games_Playing_with_Violence_91.aspx
Search terms to use
Video Games and Children
Video Game Violence
Violent Video Games and Children
Children Violence and Video Games

Search terms not to use
Video Games
Violent Children
Video Game Statistics

Do not use broad search terms and always try to narrow it down and be as specific as you can. When using databases take advantage of the fact that you can narrow it down to find books, scholarly articles, newspapers, and much more. Databases are also have reliable and credible sources so the information is safe to use. A good database to use is EBSCOhost. It works well at finding exactly what you need.
Example of a Search
*Go to WVU Libraries and click on EbscoHost the click academic search complete*
Database:EbscoHost Academic Search
Title: Video Games
All text: Children
Refiners chosen: Scholarly and Peer reviewed journals
Annotated Bibliography
Ferguson, C. J. (2013, January 01). Not Worth the Fuss After All? Cross-sectional and Prospective Data on Violent Video Game Influences on Aggression, Visuospatial Cognition and Mathematics Ability in a Sample of Youth - Springer. Not Worth the Fuss After All? Cross-sectional and Prospective Data on Violent Video Game Influences on Aggression, Visuospatial Cognition and Mathematics Ability in a Sample of Youth - Springer. Retrieved from http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10964-012-9803-6

This article is from 2013, which is good and it talks about how video games can actually help with learning. An example from the article is that “Scholars also have debated the potential for violent games to have positive effects such as on visuospatial cognition or math ability.” Its something that might be useful in the project depending on what side we choose. It also contains relevant statistics that will help as well. Lastly the author and site is credible.
Poor Website
Citation: Do violent video games effect children?-Lucy Daniels Center.(n.d.).
Do violent video games effect children?-Lucy Daniels.
Retrieved from


This website is from a blog making it not credible. There is no real author and there is nothing to validate the information to be true or not. Blogs are not trustworthy cites they can all be lies. There is also not a lot of useful information on this blog its mostly tips for parents there are no real facts. Lastly it is personally biased.
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