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Using Learning Targets to Design Student-Centered Instruction

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Diane Sweeney

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Using Learning Targets to Design Student-Centered Instruction

Using Learning Targets to Design Student-Centered Instruction
First we have to know our goal for student learning.
Then we can decide how to assess.
We will:
1- Brainstorm 2-3 standards-based goals.
2- Design a formative assessment to match your goal.
Before we plan instruction, we analyze student work. This makes it more apparent how we need to differentiate for students.
Collecting student evidence is a big part of analyzing student work.
We will:
Look at samples of student work and then plan instruction.
Then we determine exactly what students should know and be able to do.
'I can...'
We will:
Draft 5-8 'I can' statements to match your goal.
Talk to me...
Formative Assessment
Learning Targets
Analysis, Planning, & Delivery
Student-Centered Instruction
A recursive process that is repeated again and again.
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