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Belkis Diaz

No description

Belkis Diaz

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Belkis Diaz

My Summer
-I went to Dominican Republic and -I was an assistant for Dental care, translated for doctors, organized files
-Went to the South Carolina Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach went jet skiing and Para sailing
Goals For Senior Year
-Graduate Obviously
-Get higher then a 3.5 GPA
-Try to maintain only A's and B's
-Come to school
-Do all work classwork/homework
-Be organized
Goals After Graduation
-Go to a college called ADMA (Be and Actress)
Military be in the Air Force
What I would like to learn is how to communicate better with people.
Work Ethic
Work Ethic to me is doing your job in a formally matter, knowing what to do without someone telling you to do so, and be responsible.
What I enjoy About The Academy

I didn't enjoy but I did get to learn about interesting things of how to communicate with people from another country and how we speak the way we do and what we do.
About Me:
Belkis Diaz
Born October 26, 1997
My Sign a Scorpio

7 A's
The 7 A's to me is how you represent yourself with by
the way you are and the way your actions define you.
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