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Grammar - Articles

leila pourjafar

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of ARTICLES

ARTICLES what is an article? An article is part of speech which gives more information about a noun, it is ALWAYS used with a noun. Different types of article: a (an) or the They are all used very often and are important for using English accurately and correctly. A (AN) a or an is used for: 1. words which begin with a consonent
(how many consonents are there in the English language?) 2. words which are indefinite. This means words which are new to the listener or reader and are unknown. Here's the good news: there are only three different types of article.
The bad news is that it can be a bit tricky to use them correctly sometimes! Example: I ate a banana this morning. (Do you know which banana I'm talking about?) 3. profession A / AN 4. one person or thing Example: a star, a bank, a woman, a car... 5. when we say what a thing or person is Example: The sun is a star Dallas is a city in Texas, America. A mouse is an animal. 6. single items Example: a book, an egg, a place... 7. countable nouns (also uncountable) Example: a jar of jam, a cup of rice, a glass of water, a piece of music... THE The (definite article) is used when it is clear which thing or person we mean. I bought a jacket and a shirt. The jacket was cheap but the shirt was quite expensive THE We use the for the following: 1. the police, the fire brigade, the army (of a city or country) 2. the sun, the moon, the world, the sky, the sea, the country... 3. the top, the end, the middle, the bottom... 4. (play) the piano, the guitar, the trumpet... 5. the radio we DO NOT use the I watch television a lot.
what's on TV tonight? 2. breakfast / lunch / dinner what's for breakfast? what did you have / eat for lunch? 3. next / last + week / month / year / summer / Monday... I'm not working next week (not the next week). Did you have a holiday last summer? (not the last summer) 1. Television 4. Country / city names Manchester, Japan...
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