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Sea Spiders

by beracah sanders

sally perkins

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Sea Spiders

Sea Spiders sea spiders are anthropods this is a sea spider Movement Some sea spiders can swim well, but most prefer to crawl about. Sea spiders typically move slowly. Feeding sea spiders are carnivorous. some suck out the juices of invertebrates, while others tear their prey apart

...yum... Respiration sea spiders are weird. because of their unique body plan and efficient circulatory system, they do not need a respiratory system. instead, oxygen diffuses directly into their blood and is then carried to their muscles
Circulation sea spiders have an open circulatory system Reproduction most species have both male and female, but at least one is known in which each spider has the reproductive organs of both sexes after mating, the female releases her eggs into the water. then the male fertilizes them and carries the eggs, often until they hatch bibliography http://animals.jrank.org/pages/2253/Sea-Spiders-Pycnogonida-BEHAVIOR-REPRODUCTION.html



the end! :)
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