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No description

Rebeca Lopez

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Visualising

Visualising is a reading strategy that we use to help us remember what we have read and better understand the ideas that an author is trying to convey.

We visualise by making a sort-of movie in our heads while we read. Through visualising, a good reader can imagine more than what is going on in the text.

Good readers use all of their senses when creating a visual image in their heads - if you were in the scene what could you see, hear, smell, taste and touch.
1. Using the selected passage from the text you are to use the Explain Everything app to draw what the image looks like in your head
2. Whilst you are drawing the image you are to make a voice recording that explains why you are adding certain aspects to your image.

Watch the video below for my example of what I would like you to do.
Extension Activity
Using the Puppet Pals 2 app you are to make your image come to life. Puppet Pals allows you to create your own characters, scenes and sounds to collate your own short movie.

Having visualised the passage in Explain Everything you are now to re-create what you thought when you read the text into a moving animation.

What would this passage look like if you made the text into a movie!
Record your Story!
Try this...
Read this sentence and try to visualise in your head what is happening. Remember that good readers use all of their senses to visualise.
"The elephant marched over to the to the other side where he found his favourite food."
Now think about this...
What did you see in your head while you read that sentence? You might like to go back and read it again.

What things did you visualise:
what colour was the elephant?
was he large? or small?
was he fast? or slow?
When we visualise we can imagine things in the text that the author hasn't specifically written. This is called inferring.

What things did you infer from the sentence:
where was the elephant? In a zoo? or in the wild?
what was he eating? what was his favourite food?
Now it's your turn...
The passage you will be visialising is:
Schmuel's train ride to "Out-with"-

“The train was horrible,” said Shmuel. “There were too many of us in the carriage for one thing. And there was no air to breathe and it smelled awful.” ... “ There weren’t any doors,” insisted Shmuel. “If there had been, we would have got off.”

Use Explain Everything to show your visualising.
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