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Asset Management

For Pepsico

Ashish Srivastava

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Asset Management

Bartronics Asia Pte Ltd Track & Trace Solutions 1. Outdoor Asset Tracking
2. Warehouse Management Our Solution for Pepsico Real Time Asset Tracking / GPS Outdoor Asset Internet User Great for fixed assets
No line-of-sight required
Incredibly small and lightweight
Can be used across the whole world
Track individuals or mobile assets inside buildings and in environments with obstructions
Multiple operating modes configurable for different applications
Can be hidden, used indoors and in other obstructed environments Mobile QR code system Outdoor Asset Audit your assets on a PC or mobile device
Check assets in or out to customers or stores
Assign due-date and due-time when checking assets out
Transfer asset responsibility to another individual while checked out
Track assets by site, location, department, item and serial number
Move assets by location, department, purchase order or custom filter
Update a selected group of assets instantly using mass update feature
Capture purchase order, invoice and warranty details user Android / iPhone / Windows based QR code / Passive RFID Tracker System Warehouse Automation Improve Item Level Visibility inside Warehouse
Implementing Location codes for storage of inventory helps in efficient pick-up and increases the visibility of individual item inside the warehouse.
Paperless Operations
Automating warehouse operations using RF technology ensures efficient and paperless functioning.
Improve Efficiency of Work Force
System oriented and directed process improves the efficiency of the work force.
Minimize Error
Wrong delivery are almost nil due to the verifications which are done with the HHT the time of dispatch. Device Independent Integrated System A single integrated cloud solution to connect to all the parts of the world Wipro GE Medical Systems – Material Management System Success Stories The main objective of the project is to update all the transactions of issues and receipts of the material in the server online without any time delay using Mobile Handheld devices. TATA Steels Limited Success Stories To automate receipt & storage of HR coils at PL-TCM
To automate movement of coils through process lines till dispatch
RFID based Tracking of coils with respect to location on real time
Supply of right coils in the least possible time
Inventory control & yard management ISPAT Industries Limited
Voltas Ltd. & UCPL
TetraPak Limited Success Stories Bartronics has given the solution for Finished Goods Tracking, Warehouse, Dispatch & Stores Management with the supplies of RF Hand Helds & RF Access Points, having integration with SAP A Global provider of high quality, cost effective Information Technology Services & Resources Thank You Contact us at:
Bartronics Asia Pte Ltd
78 Shenton Way, #04-04
Singapore 079120

+65 6511 6179 / 6511 6188
www.bartronics.com GPS
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