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pixi SDK Überblick

No description

Gregor Walter

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of pixi SDK Überblick

Framework for extending pixi
Rapid Application Development
Ready UI Classes in pixi Design
Automatic SOAP Integration
mini ORM
Runs locally
Same code also runs on our Apps-Servers for all customer
Automatic Tests
CI and CD

pixi SDK Overview
pixi SDK Overview
All data is stored in a config file for local Development

On our Apps-Server, you need to login in with your Db-Specific-Credentials

The user-specifig-config values will overwrite your local-dev-config
We generated HTML Helper classes, that build the UI based on our BootStrap-HTML5-Template
CodeCeption is a very nice and simple to learn framework for automatic tests of PHP Applications.

You can develop all your code locally in your favourite development Env!

Test, Try, Develop.

Once your ready, cou can put it to production on your own server, just for you, or on the pixi Apps-Server to every customer can access the,
Develop local, run central
Writing a app is just a matter of few lines!

Easy to start.

Extended from us.

update through composer
Central CI / CD Server.

One Job per Project.

Stage / Release via Tag

Pulls from any dvcs (BitBucket, GitHub, etc.)
Rapid Application Development
Continous Integration & Deployment
CodeCeption Unit and BDD Tests
UI Classes
Updatable Structure
How does that work?
Tests can be written
easily by Developer or testing.

We already had the case of Alina finding a bug, writing the acceptance test, so breaking the build...
Most of our Classes are Unit-Tested already.

Soap Class etc.

These 7 lines of code...
...create this result (with live API Results in it)
... and much more
We use public BitBucket Repos to keep all components as decoupled as possible but still very easy to get started.
Creating a new project is...
1 line of code:
composer create-project --repository-url="packages.json" "Pixi/SDK" "myNewApp"
... getting the latest components from us udpates - also one line of code!

composer update
it's soo easy..

even johannes created his first app already!
No more FTP...
For internal and external

pixi SDK is the basis of all future Apps we write
the framework is public & opensource for external partners
External Apps Integration tbd.
2 Lines of Code - Development machin!

hg clone
vagrant up
New Classes...

got rid of NuSoap
new CodeIgniter Version

-> Speed gain and 25 MB down to 1 MB memory
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