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Wing Sum Lam

on 24 March 2014

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Greenfield Golf and Country Club

- Situated at Shenzhen

- Operated since 1993

- 5 stars hotel facilities

- 3 eighteen holes golf courses

Identity the 3 Channels to publicize the job position to potential applicants
Recruitment Advertisement
Case Study II – Recruitment and Selection

Tutor: Dr. Billy HO
Tutorial: T02
Students: CHAN Man Yi (53104005)
CHIU Ka Huen (53055436)
LAM Wing Sum (53054335)
LO Chi Kin (53105038)
TAM Lai Ling (53054292)
Date of presentation: 12 March, 2014

DSS 20364 Managing Human Resources in Leisure and Tourism

Recruitment Advertisement

Recruitment Channels

Application form


Recruitment Form
We are the HR staff from the club and we are recruiting the following post:

The Sales Executive

We will discuss about the Selection & Recruitment process with the use of
- Recruitment Advertisement
- Recruitment Form
- Recruitment Channels
- Interviews
- Concerns
Recruitment Form
Consideration :
Sale Executives can be classified as middle level position > applicants should have a corresponding education level
The upper table can show the education level of the applicants (help for eliminate those without the high diploma or above applicants)
Consideration of the academic background

Workplace, communication between colleagues
Target customer (Mainlander, Hongkonger, it is a high-end club house)
Performance (Qualifications can be reflected by the performance)
Group and Individual
Please introduce yourself in Putonghua
Penguins in Arctic?
New promotion methods to attract customers
Consideration :
As Sale Executive is a middle level position, it requires several years experience on membership selling
In the above table, it shows the past working experience and how many year they work in this field
Those who do not have any membership selling experience will not be considered for the interview
Consideration of the working experience
Recruitment Form
Career Goal & Expectation
Experience in this field
Last job
Education level do not match with the expectation
Did not finish the secondary school education and do not have the high diploma
Will not be selected for the interview
Applicant A
Applicant B
From the above information, this applicant met the requirement of the education level
However, from the working experience table,
> do not have any experience in the
membership selling industry
Will not be considered for the interview
Recruitment Form
Consideration :
As our company located in the Shengzhen,
> some of the employees are mainlander
> important to speak fluent Putonghua
From the above table,
> can shows the qualification of language of the applicants
> those who have a qualification will have the higher
precedence for the interview
Consideration of the Qualification and Others
Recruitment Form
Applicant C
From the upper tables, they show that
Applicant C is a bachelor degree holder and worked in the membership selling industry for several years(met with the requirement for education level and working experience)
Applicant C got the qualification in English and Putonghua
> will be passed in the initial screening and invited for the interview
- Attention-getting
Consideration of the JOB AD
Recruitment is the process of finding and engaging the people the organization needs. Selection is that part of the recruitment process concerned with deciding which applicants or candidates should be appointed to jobs.
Aims of an Advertisement (Armstrong, 2009)
Generate candidates
— attract a sufficient number of good candidates at minimum cost.

Attract attention
— it must compete for the attention of potential candidates against other employees.

Create and maintain interest
— it has to communicate in an attractive and interesting way information about the job, the company and the terms and conditions of employment.

Stimulate action
— the message needs to be conveyed in a way that will prompt a sufficient number of replies from candidates with the right qualifications for the job.
Job Title
- The Sex Discrimination Act 1975
- It is unlawful to discriminate in an advertisement by favouring either sex, the only exceptions being a few jobs that can be done only by one sex.
- Advertisements must therefore avoid sexist job titles such as 'salesman' or 'stewardess'.
Brief Information
- Give basic concepts about the job
Job description
- Explains the duties and other aspects of a specified job. JD should state the job title, job summary, job duties and working conditions.
(Werther & Davis, 1996)
Job Specification
- Skills factors such as "Fluency in languages"
- Effort factors such as "Able to work in a team" > Show that candidate is willing to cooperate with others
- Working conditions such as "shift duty"

Let the world know that you're hiring
Attracting applicants: 4Ps (Place)
Right channel to the right target
chose the most potential channel can reach the potential applicants
Save time
the speed of the external recruitment process is crucial condition for the success
urgency of filling the vacancies
Save cost
the least costly with biggest effect
can access a pool of qualified applicants
the channel that can reach the suitable person
Web Advertisement
Recruitment Day
refers to recruitment over a Web-enabled environment
internet is used as the medium of recruitment
potential applicants place their CVs in a database on the Web where our company can then search through the CVs
Consideration- E-Recruitment?

Web advertisement

Speed up the recruitment process & Cost effective

Gives a
24 hours
access to an online collection of resumes

Posting a job opening->complete with all the specifications->on the Internet takes only a few minutes

Job seekers can respond to e-recruitment postings on the same day with their resumes

The moment our company receive resumes, the recruitment process starts; initial screenings through application form and interviews can be immediately conducted

reduces the manual administrative workload

Consideration- Web advertisement

posting job openings on the Internet costs less, while reaching a broader audience rather than paying for newspaper space that only reaches a limited number of people

Recruitment Day
Consideration- Web advertisement ?
an Internet advertising, uses the Internet to deliver recruitment messages to potential applicants
design an attractive advertisement on the Web
High Coverage & Global Reach

ability to reach a wider range of audiences
reaching a larger target means a greater number of job seekers
the larger the number of applicants, the greater the chance that some of those are the most competent and high quality applicants for the job position"Sales Executive"

Consideration- Recruitment Day
Our company can physically know if the candidate fits the position or not (first impression, personality, attitudes, talkative, presentable…?)
Group interview is possible and select most suitable candidates among all
Seems more transparency in selection of candidates
The company may increase its reputation when launches recruitment day
Team work and the ability for cooperating with others
This job have to recruit those who have a kindly personality to attract more customers.
Have the ability to have compromise with others
Ability of employees for understand their weaknesses and know how to improve
Sales have to understand the improvement on their own selling skills and their promotion methods.
It is important for providing high-end services
Working in Golf club is an specific career, several years working experience or specific selling skills will be prefer.
provide customers confident to purchase
Degree of interest for the job
Understand the duties of our job clearly
Suitability for our job requirement.
Have passion on this job or not?
Understand the employee's working attitude
Easy to quit job?
Good responsibility?
How much interest on our job?
The End

It's a day that our company meet & greet people
applicants need to take their CVs, fill an application form etc...
may conduct the group or individual interview on the recruitment day
Armstrong, M. (2009). Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. London: Kogan Page

External Sources of Recruitment Advertisements of Vacancy Campus Recruitment Employment Exchanges. (2012). Retrieved from 27 February, 2014 from http://www.naukrihub.com/recruitment/external-sources.html

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The Sex Discrimination Act 1975. (2013). Retrieved 10 March, 2014 from http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1975/65/contents.

Torrington, D., Hall, L., & Taylor, S. (2002). Human resource management (5th ed.). New York: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Werther, W.B., & Davis, K. (1996). Human resources and personnel management (5th ed.). Singapore: McGraw-Hill Book Company.

Recruitment channel
External recruitment
the channels used to communicate job vacancies to the
public audience

the correct usage of the external recruitment channels can brings the right candidates for the positions
before we make the decision of the use of channels, our company make a complex decision based on the following criteria............
Greenfield Golf and Country Club Criteria of the recruitment channels
3 Channels-External recruitment
Jobs in Hongkong - Monster HongKong
  (Armstrong, 2009)
To achieve the aims of:
(1) Define the job
(2) Set job requirements & attributes
(3) Attract candidates
(4) Select candidates

- Help to provide needs to candidates
Front line, they need to deal with different situations

Personality Test
Recruitment is the process of finding and engaging the people the organization needs. Selection is that part of the recruitment process concerned with deciding which applicants or candidates should be appointed to jobs. (Armstrong, 2009)

It is important to recruit the suitable candidates for one company.

There are lots of considerations such as skills, attitude, experiences and etc.


Human resource management can help to save time but also money.

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