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The motives of big three

muskaan agarwal

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of History

The motives of "THE BIG THREE" The main men who were present when the treaty of Versailles was being written were
George Clemenceau
David Lyold George
Woodrow wilson He was the Prime Minister of France and therefore wanted to crush Germany. He wanted to punish Germany severely and wanted to make sure that Germany would never invade France again.

France had lost the most soldiers and civilians as compared to any other country and George Clemenceau wanted the points in the treaty which would weaken Germany.

He also wanted to take away Rhineland from Germany but he settled with it only being demilitarized. GEORGE CLEMENCEAU He was the Prime Minister of Britain and he was mostly worried about war reparations and supported the amount which was given to Germany to pay but not to an extent like France did. He was able to increase the amount and also the share of Britain
He was in a difficult position as his political image said he would smash Germany but he was concerned about Russian revolution as he knew that only Germany could stop the Russian revolution.
The Treaty according to him said that it should punish Germany but on the other hand leave Germany strong enough to hold communism from spreading. DAVID LYOLD GEORGE He was the president of America and he had completely opposite beliefs that of George Clemenceau. He wanted to punish Germany but he only wanted to punish the people who were in power.
He presented his fourteen points on January 1918 to maintain peace. He also brought up the idea of League of nations. Even though the league was his idea, America refused to join it which weakened Woodrow Wilson. WOODROW WILSON When asked how he thought he had done at the Versailles Conference, Lloyd George replied:
"Not badly, considering I was seated between Jesus Christ and Napoleon."
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