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SAT 911

salam Al-janabi

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of FIRE

BONEX SAT 119 SAT119 is designed to fight small, contained Class A fire (combustibles) with one ampoule. If small fire turns large, two or three ampoules can be used to double the effect of extinction. Fire Extinguisher for Cooking Oil Fires COE APEX-water is a water-based extinguishing agent developed to fight Class “A” fires especially Forest & Soil fires more efficiently. With only 1-3% concentration, APEX-water uses less water than usual to extinguish fire. APEX-water is specially developed to cater for professional firefighting and it is suitable to dilute with water or sea water into water cannons, pumper trucks and firefighting aircrafts. APEX Advantages of APEX
1. 5-8 times faster than 100% water.
2. Fast to reduce the heat of burning material
3. No re-ignition
4. Less smoke to block visibility
5. Save water usage, manpower and time. Increase fire
rescue speed and capacity.
6. Reduce losses especially on out-of-control fires 100 % Green Product
Made of food additives & commercial fertilizersAlcohol-freeSolvent-freeFluorine-freeCompletely Biodegradable Thank you Questions? Comments Why Kinds Forest Fires Buildings fires House Fires Cities Fire We should help them Salam Al-Janabi
OSLT Program
Collège Boréal, Windsor, Ontario
salamaib@yahoo.com Bonex Canada November 2012 For outdoor or wide spreading fires, it is recommended to dilute SAT119 with 8L of water. Is the chemical used in the products dangerous?
No. It won’t be ignited or exploded. It’s harmless to humans, animal, property and environment.

Is throwing type of handy fire extinguisher for general fires.
A revolutionary throwing type of handy fire extinguisher that developed and launched
by Bonex for general fire(Class A fire).
SAT119 is a patented product and it is the first handy fire extinguisher which has obtained
national safety certification from Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute (JFEII).

Certificate & Award
First and ONLY fire extinguisher officially adopted by Tokyo Fire Department.
Mandatory installation in all facilities for children and the elderly in Korea on December 2oo6.
First handy fire extinguisher to obtain NS Safety Certification in Japan.
Awarded Best Extinguishing Equipment in Japan on April 2009.
Awarded Best Gift Award from Fuji TV, Japan on April 2009.
KFI (Korea) and NS (Japan) certified.
PSB (Singapore) and UK Tested. SAT 119 Other products Forest The Revolution in Fire fighting The user need to only take and throw FR911 Flameout into fire, and our product takes care of the rest, all the while maintaining its extreme ease of use to pave an escape route. The result of many years of heavy research and production, FR911 Flameout carries advance technological features with wider applications; from households, schools and commercial buildings to fire fighters for path clearance and riot police as an emergency response tool for burning cars or barricades. The FR911 Flameout is a revolution of the superior technologies designed to quell Class A (Combustibles), B (Flammable liquids) and C (Gases) type initial fires quickly, safely and effectively. FR 911
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